I was posting in some groups about the Illumin…

I was posting in some groups about the Illuminati (e.g. MK Ultra info, Vril lizard info, etc.) and they locked my account again. They also removed some of my posts. In addition, I was once again forced to change my password. My Facebook: www.Facebook.com/AstralLight21

Notice how these so-called “truthers” or whate…

Notice how these so-called “truthers” or whatever you want to call them, don’t talk about: the different “marks" (1-4) of clones, consciousness transfer (especially, REM consciousness transfer), the cloning centers, Vril lizards, parasited hosts of Vril (aka drones), chipheads/dead chipheads and the soulstone microchip? They (like many celebrities and politicians) benefit in some way (e.g. money and fame) to keep their mouth shut and do as they’re told. Aside from being used for sex (or whatever) as clones (i.e. Mark 2 REM-driven duplication clones) at the cloning centers, they get rewarded for leading the populace astray and helping to influence the masses. #Illuminati #NWO #NewWorldOrder #Truthers #HumanCloning #CloningCenters #ConsciousnessTransfer #REMSleep #VrilLizards #Chipheads #DeadChipheads #Soulstone #SoulstoneMicrochip #DUMBs #September11th  #NeverForget #September112001 #NeverForget911 #DeepUndergroundMilitaryBases #September11 #AlexJones #InfoWars #MarkDice #GlennBeck #DavidIcke #PaulJosephWatson #RushLimbaugh #RonPaul #JesseVentura #Killuminati

The Eye of Horus and the Eye of Ra (Amon Ra). …

The Eye of Horus and the Eye of Ra (Amon Ra). Essentially, they’re droning symbols. As you can see, there’s a “curly thing” and a “line” going down. The former represents a Vril lizard’s proboscis (the Quill) and the latter represents the “stuff” that comes out-of the droned eye. Furthermore, parasited hosts of Vril (or “Drones”), like to get the Eye of Horus tattoo. However, this does not mean, that everyone that has one of these tattoos, is a drone. #Illuminati #NWO #NewWorldOrder #Horus #EyeOfHorus #EyeOfRa #Ra #AmonRa #AncientEgypt #Egypt #SumerianGods #Draco #Draconians #Annunaki #Chipheads #Osiris #EgyptianMythology #DeadChipheads #Soulstone #SoulstoneMicrochip #CloningCenters #Vril #VrilLizards #ParasitedHosts #HostsOfVril #Hosts #Drones #DUMBs #DeepUndergroundMilitaryBases #Killuminati

I tried to upload an image (about the Illumina…

I tried to upload an image (about the Illuminati), over and over again a few days ago (September 20) on imgbb.com and it didn’t let me. This image was for the “Killuminati by Astral Light” album (https://ibb.co/album/fTStva). It said: 1. “No image have been uploaded”. 2. “Some errors have occured and the system couldn’t process your request.”. 3. “Check the error report for more information.” 4. “You have been forbidden to use this website.”. I refreshed the page multiple times and it still showed the same thing. Then, it finally let me upload an image AFTER I was about to take a screenshot of the message (s). In addition, I tried again on September 21 and the same thing happened. However, I was able to take a few screenshots of the messages. Just in case (they delete the “album” or something), I made a backup page (on my site) of the images (for spreading the info).

Killuminati by Astral Light (backup): https://astral7ight.blogspot.com/p/killuminati-by-astral-light.html



The highest level of Scientology knowledge and…

The highest level of Scientology knowledge and 33rd degree Freemason level of knowledge, are essentially: 1. Human Cloning & Cloning Centers (32nd degree). 2. Vril Lizards (33rd degree).



This is an Instagram picture of prankster Joha…

This is an Instagram picture of prankster Johal and some of his friends (or whatever) at Venice. See how his arms are extended out and he’s pointing in both directions (with his index fingers)? This represents the “Devil’s” horns. Additionally, he has one-eye closed and his tongue is sticking-out too. This picture shows that: 1. He’s an Illuminati member and he’s giving them a “shout-out” (showing that he’s loyal). 2. He’s “down” with the Illuminati’s satanic or luciferian agenda. 3. He’s mocking the public because he‘s “in the know” and “sold-out” to get him where he’s at. 

In addition, Johal’s friend (?) on the left, is also doing the “one-eye thing”. He’s probably “in the know” as well. As for the rest of them, I’m not sure.



@ 4:54 Freemason 33 on the table and a pyramid/triangle on the bag can clearly be seen. It’s not a coincidence. Notice how Johal (the prankster) uses THIS “prank” in the beginning of the video too? It’s to show his loyalty to the Illuminati. The person that is being pranked, even appears to be acting as well. The so-called prank is most likely fake, they are “telling” you and “showing” you, with Illuminati symbolism. Lets assume that the prank is real (meaning the person being pranked, isn’t acting and doesn’t know it’s a prank). The number 33, the pyramid/triangle and Johal putting this clip in the beginning of the video, was still intentional. #IlluminatiMember