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STUFF GOOGLE DOESN’T WANT YOU TO SEE–>CIA Wikipedia fraud Finland police report |

“National Bureau of Investigation – National Police Board
Jokiniemenkuja 4, FI-01301 Vantaa, Finland;
and His Excellency Per-Mikael Engberg, Ambassador of Finland to Belgium
Kortenberglaan 80, B-1000 Brussel, Belgium

Report on fraud and threats against Finnish citizens, companies and nation; police evidence and key facts for Finland’s prosecution of Wikipedia fundraising fraud

National Police of Finland, and Your Excellency Ambassador Engberg,

Assisting your current national police investigation, this report provides you with important information, much of it already in police files of other EU nations – with documented evidence sources that may save Finnish citizens and companies from further billions of euros in losses, and perhaps even save Finnish lives, as Finns are further targeted by American fraudsters, financial thieves, murderers, racists and those who violate children – people who are ready to carry out threats against Finnish officials and interfere with Finnish elections and democracy.

Finland’s national police have bravely begun enquiries into the fraudulent acts of Wikipedia – Wikimedia, which extend much further into crimes against Finns than you may yet realise. The main points are that, as other EU nations know, Wikipedia is long proven a fraudulent front for America’s intelligence agencies – CIA – posing as a ‘non-profit’. The ‘clever, brilliant’ CIA idea was to create a large sea of data, mostly fake-‘neutral’, a ‘Trojan horse’ trick to insert CIA lies on topics currently key to US political millionaires. Wikipedia is defrauding Finns into funding criminal acts against Europeans; American acts of terrorism; racism; violations of children; and losses to Finnish companies which may already be in the billions.

Wikipedia criminal activities against Finns are jet-fuelled by another CIA ‘contractor’, monopolistic search engine Google, itself established with CIA funds, implementing a late 1990s American plan to dominate the EU internet and spread lies via a 2-website duopoly. To deceive Finns and the EU, Google Inc hoaxes web users – it censors info exposing Wikipedia as CIA fraud, pumps Wiki to top of search, while Wikipedia publishes lies about criminal and terrorist acts involving Google – thus partners both in Finland’s Wiki fundraising fraud, and many other crimes.

This is a subject I know very well, and about which I have substantial legal and evidence files. I am a Harvard classmate of many top leaders of the United States, and I personally know President Obama’s counsellor who advises him on how to censor and hoax the EU internet about America’s financial, terrorism and other crimes. A significant dissident to the USA, I was one of the earliest journalists exposing that Wikipedia was a fraudulent CIA-front website – that was before CIA’s Google Inc began censoring and ‘erasing’ all my websites and major journalism, when I was helping to lead world awareness about America’s judicial bribery horrors and US hoaxing of the EU and global internet. (More about me on final page below.)

In the past I was a nationally-known media figure in the USA, an anti-corruption book author, owner of a publishing company; but I barely escaped alive out of the USA from politically-related threats to murder me. After being ‘too significant’ a European critic of the US regime, the CIA criminals of Wikipedia and Google have now erased my journalism and smeared me with lies. In troubled health and thus perhaps ‘hit’ already with a medical-illness assassination strike, I may perhaps soon be dead, as the CIA’s Wikipedia and Google very much hope.

People in Finland and globally, duped by Wikipedia fraud. The CIA criminals of Wikipedia have great success in duping Finns and others into trying to deflect Finland’s investigation. Finns have been deceived and defrauded by: (1) Google hiding Wikipedia’s crimes and CIA connections; (2) Google always pushing Finns to use Wikipedia, Finns unaware they are pushed to read a site with lies inserted by CIA-tied parties; (3) Finns the CIA laughs at as ‘useful idiots’, deceived into being lower-level Wiki ‘volunteers’ or into supplying Wiki content on non-CIA-topics, people who are ‘thrilled’ to see their words published worldwide on Wiki but ignorant they are helping the CIA’s site for lying and murder; (4) Finns blinding themselves about Wikipedia crimes, unwilling to face they have been duped into supporting CIA-led murder, terrorism, child-molesting and deception, after investing many hours reading or ‘helping’ Wikipedia, donating funds, or supplying content.

Wikipedia and Google are very criminally aggressive in spreading lies about their own crimes, and erasing the truth about their witnesses and victims from the internet. So you cannot easily research facts about me, because CIA-Google and CIA-Wikipedia spread lies and libel about me, while Google illegally blocks all my EU websites so I cannot defend myself against Google-pushed lies and hoaxes. Articles supporting me are censored, while CIA-tied British and American media companies took Google-supported bribes to deepen the lies about me.

There is a major legal case upcoming in Belgian courts dealing with the Wikipedia – Google CIA criminal activities against me, and there will also be some publications in the near future regarding Wikipedia and Google criminal acts and fraud in Great Britain – how Google and Wikipedia joined with Pearson plc in defrauding British Telecom and all British citizens, and Wikipedia’s fundraising fraud in the UK – which are directly relevant to your national police investigation in Finland.

Your Finnish police enquiry is important for Finland’s economic and political future, but also dangerous for Finnish police and government – you are directly confronting the core criminal operations of murderers, terrorists and child-violators from America’s top political families, and these people will have no hesitation about murdering Finnish police agents or public officials, with Wikipedia and Google ready to use monopoly powers to defame Finnish leaders during Finland’s elections, or spread lies about how Finns are murdered by the USA.

You can expect US pressure and threats from the US regime, urging silence about these CIA internet tools that may have already stolen billions from the Finnish economy; or attempts to bribe Finnish officials – as Google’s Eric Schmidt is currently attempting to befriend, buy and bribe UK leaders, to impede prosecution of the Google-Pearson-Wiki crimes bribing 3 American judges and attacking me. You can also expect Wikipedia and Google to commit the crimes known in English as ‘obstruction and perversion of justice’, as they supply deceptive information to Finnish police about their criminal actions defrauding and deceiving Finns.

The CIA’s Wikipedia – who they really are and how it works. It is hard to search facts when Google Inc is censoring the internet to defraud the EU, but here is a brief summary. The CIA has long had a programme of media control – ‘Operation Mockingbird’, seeking to imitate Joseph Goebbels’ Nazi efforts, especially via repeating lies over and over again in major public media. In the 1990s amid the internet explosion, “CIA seed money helped launch Google” (Watson/Steele, InfoWars), with agenda to endlessly promote the ultimate hoaxing site of all, the cleverly devious CIA’s Wikipedia, now deceiving and defrauding many Finns.

Jimmy Wales and the violating of children. In the 1990s Wikipedia’s criminal ‘founder’ Jimmy Wales, was selling internet pornography, and became known to US government as someone willing to violate children, tell lies, murder innocent people, and to be the largest global fraudster in the history of the internet. Wales accepted the ‘deal’ to be enriched posing as the founder-leader of the CIA’s Wikipedia, and to be the ‘face’ of a global operation of terrorism, molesting of children and murder, using a CIA-orchestrated ‘non-profit’ spreading lies under fake and anonymous names.

The willingness to violate children and tell any lie to help kill innocent people or defraud any nation or non-US company, and a sadistic pleasure in doing so, is a common element of the top members of Jimmy Wales’ Wikipedia ‘team’, as well as of their main support, the Google Inc legal department under David Drummond. The requirement to be either a top Wikipedia administrator, or a Google lawyer, is that of being a psychopath ready to lie, destroy and murder the most innocent of victims.

As veterans of US military and intelligence agencies publicly admit, “Many Wikipedia ‘editors’ are, in fact, terrorists, spies or highly disturbed persons” (Veterans Today). For example, top Wikimedia lawyer Fred Bauder – perhaps now assisting in deceiving Finnish police – had a history of charges of molesting women before joining Wiki, and is personally involved in lies and threats against me.

Top Wikimedia administrators with Jimmy Wales, show zero interest in ‘knowledge’ or correcting false information – instead, a perverted joy in publishing lies to slander and murder. The files for upcoming Belgian and EU proceedings show hundreds of complaints about the lies about me on Wikipedia; Wikipedia’s continued refusal to remove lies and defamations; and a stream of hate mail and abuse from top Wikipedia administrators, such as David Gerard, Wikipedia chief in London. No Wiki figure ever expressed the slightest concern for truth, intellectual honesty, or correcting false information – All Wiki administrators who replied acted like arrogant psychopaths working for the CIA, which is of course who they are.

Wikipedia’s leaders visibly enjoy the sadism of victimising someone whom they see as vulnerable and unable to fight back, thanks to Google promoting Wiki lies to #1 in web searches, plus Google repeating those lies on Wiki-copying sites all throughout the first several pages of Google search results, and ‘erasing’ a victim’s replies.

Wikipedia long ago proven a site with thousands of CIA insertions. After my own early journalism showing how Wikipedia was CIA, Wired News published proof I was right, computer experts tracing thousands of Wikipedia published articles back to known US intelligence agency IP addresses. While receiving several hundred written complaints about Wikipedia’s many CIA-backed lies against me, Jimmy Wales’ top Wikipedia assistants even sent me e-mail from CIA contractor e-mail addresses.

The main purpose of Wikipedia, as with Google itself, is to spread lies and suppress the truth, to benefit current political or economic targets of the CIA and US top political families. Wikipedia seeks to push aside and erase the truth, and spread hoaxes about people whom Google has censored or given lower status on internet searches. Such lies can cause billions in damages to Finland and the EU; ranging from swaying internet users toward buying US-backed products while slandering or down-grading access to EU competitors, to hoaxes about US judge bribery practices, helping entrap EU victims in US courts, where billions are lost.

Very possibly, Finland will never be able to discover how many billions of damages and fraud have been caused by the CIA’s economic warfare against Finland via Google and Wiki – losses to Nokia alone, ‘out-marketed’ by American firms who have preferred access to Google and Wikipedia, could be billions in total.

Wikipedia and CIA work for America’s top political families. It is not easy for Europeans to digest, but the CIA is not so much a tool of ‘Obama’, as of US political oligarch families whom Obama himself obeys. These US political families are above any law, because they bribe, blackmail and even murder US judges, and US media is controlled via direct ownership, or intimidation and extortion through the judges – the instant destruction of myself and my publishing company is one example of this, occurring in a flash with US police at my door and a bribed US federal judge on the phone telling me I no longer had any rights, the US Constitution no longer applied to me. As my attackers have been recorded as boasting,

“Americans are so f-cking stupid. There is NO F-CKING US Constitution! (laughter) It’s people like me who own the f-cking Constitution, because we own the f-cking federal judges! And there is f-cking nothing anyone can do about it!”

This arrogance of America’s top political families, able to molest and kill children or anyone else, and commit criminal acts of fraud and terrorism against Europeans, is precisely the source of the arrogance of the CIA’s Wikipedia and Google as they serve those political families, hiding crimes and defaming people via fake CIA ‘Wikipedia biographies’, while CIA-Google invites bribed US judges to ‘order’ Google to ‘erase’ truth and block victims from replying to Wiki-Google lies.

It is not easy for Europeans to understand that the USA is already a semi-closed society, its key mechanisms – media, civil society, lawyers and courts – no longer functioning except in submission to US political families. Europeans perceive a ‘Hollywood movie’ version of the USA, while the truth is hidden by CIA-Wikipedia, CIA-Google, and owned or intimidated media. Most forbidden is to expose the US judge-bribery system, where lawyers instantly lose their law licence if they try to fight it, and ‘civil liberties’ groups are threatened with bankruptcy and destruction. Also taboo is the topic of CIA media control and its Wikipedia-Google frauds attacking Europe and robbing Europeans of billions, as well as keeping Americans themselves deceived until they themselves become victims. That the US no longer has any independent judiciary, and CIA media-internet controls via Wikipedia-Google, are actually more forbidden topics than NSA surveillance.

The extent of US crimes hidden and obscured by Wikipedia/Google is huge, as these CIA tools serve the US political families who sponsor many murders of US senators, congresspeople, federal prosecutors and judge, ex-CIA director, journalists and investigators, etc. I myself was told in detail how I would suffer a fake ‘suicide by hanging’ in a US jail cell. US political families can quickly destroy Obama himself by impeachment scandal or outright murder, perhaps via fast-acting ‘disease’, if Obama does not submit. US political families even blackmail fellow billionaires who start to break ranks – no one inside the US can fight that mafia, and many are dead already.

Wikipedia and Google are serving the financial and control interests of these families, seeking to further profits of companies owned by these families – hence the leading role of Wikipedia and Google in economic sabotage of Finland and the EU. It is important to end the fairy-tale myth that Wikipedia or Google Inc are anything other than devious, lying criminal monopolies directly engaged in economic warfare against Europe and terrorist criminal acts against European citizens.

Wikipedia racism – Much is written about the heavy involvement of Mossad and Israel on the racist-sponsoring Wikipedia. Indeed, Wikipedia is used by Israel-Mossad, but Jewish Jimmy Wales also leads attacks on fellow Jews. Wikipedia does make bigoted attacks on Islam and Muslims, stirring up anti-Muslim hatred to make war and help kill Muslim innocents, as well as being a massive prop for the jailing of innocent black people, like black French citizen Léonel Cazaco, in the US slave-labour prison gulag, with 2.3 million inmates, 25% of all the world’s prisoners. Jewish Jimmy Wales has attended birthday parties of the President of Israel, thanking him for his Mossad role. However, Wikipedia serves the CIA first, and Jimmy Wales helps sponsor threats to murder his fellow Jews when they are CIA targets and US dissidents – including myself, of Polish-Jewish heritage.

Wikipedia and Google even join in neo-Nazi hate crimes, supporting US court filings demanding book-burning of a Jew’s books, filed to please a psychopath tormenting me with reminder of my Polish-Jewish relations killed by Nazis. Wikipedia already spreads lies on the Israeli internet to deceive about US crimes, as well as attacking Jewish dissidents. Wikipedia takes whatever role the CIA desires in racism against Jews as well as its habitual racist targets of Muslims and black people.

CIA-Wikipedia doesn’t really need funds, it’s just sport to defraud Finns and the EU. Wikipedia, and Google Inc as well, are both so important to CIA internet control efforts, they have access to unlimited billions from other CIA and US government operations. As much funding as Wikipedia needs to continue its CIA operations of hoaxing, deception, terrorism, murder and child-molesting, can be supplied through other of the many CIA-tied ‘non-profit foundations’, and donations from American political millionaires, all grateful for Wiki’s role in hiding their crimes and publishing fake biographies of themselves.

The purpose of Wikipedia’s fraudulent ‘fundraising’ in the EU, is partly to add credibility to its fake ‘non-profit’ profile, and partly for the fun and sport of defrauding EU citizens into paying for their own deceptions. There is a great pleasure of the CIA and their Wikipedia and Google leaders, in pushing their international criminality to the maximum extent possible.

Wikipedia is a leading element of US ‘F-ck the EU!’ policy, as stated by Obama’s representative. As the American terrorist gangsters attacking me have been recorded as laughingly saying:

“Every dumbf-ck in the world believes Wikipedia … Wikipedia is how America is going to control the internet for the rest of human history …

"We’re f-cking America and we control the whole world internet!”

It is similar with Wikipedia’s main prop, Google Inc, a company which well knows it may not be possible to make that much money from ‘Google ads’ in a world of mobile phone users who barely see such ads, but as the CIA’s internet control machine, Google already receives billions in cash and favours from carrying out CIA missions and providing services to American bribe-taking judges, eager to reward Google for its services to those judges and America’s dominant oligarch families.

Google’s ugly, murdering, terrorist, child-molesting-and-murdering role, for which it has a financial reward of billions, is openly acknowledged by US military-intelligence figures: “Intercepted emails expose Google as an intelligence contractor openly involved in aiding terror organizations throughout Africa, Asia and the world, working well outside any official oversight and authority, far beyond even the CIA’s wildest abuses” (Veterans Today).

As the CIA intends, Wikipedia – Google lies devastate lives and leave victims nearly helpless. Racist hate mail has poured into me from all over the world, from people believing impossible lies broadcast by Wikipedia and pushed by Google to the top of search results. Most people look no further than lies on Wikipedia – half the people I meet in Europe will never speak to me again after reading Wikipedia lies about me. For a long time, European lawyers were too afraid to help me, because ‘no lawyer wants to help someone who is slandered all over the internet’.

Many deception techniques are used by Wikipedia to prop up their role as a CIA front organisation – the most important of these are outlined below.

Twenty major techniques of CIA – Wikipedia deception, used to defraud and deceive Finland, the EU and the entire world

(A) – General Framework of Wikipedia Fraud and Deception

(1) The quasi-‘neutral’ or ‘harmless’ 90%+ of Wikipedia, ‘neutral point of view’ allowed on topics not targeted by the CIA, is the Trojan horse for lies by American murderers, racists, child molesters, fraudsters, intelligence agents, and war-mongers

(2) The ONLY purpose of Wikipedia being ‘anonymous’ and using fake ‘longtime Wiki user’ names for its internet reference encyclopaedia monopoly, is to mask American murderers, racists, child molesters, fraudsters, intelligence agents, & war-mongers

(3) All Wikipedia top leaders, from Jimmy Wales on down, pretend they are ‘stupid’ – they continually pretend Wikipedia lies and hoaxes ‘look fine in my opinion’ and pretend to be unaware of CIA and international criminal activity on Wikipedia

(4) CIA contractor Google Inc continually carries out a CIA mission of pushing Wikipedia entries artificially to the top of search results, knowing full well it is promoting CIA lies for American criminals tied to top US political families

(5) Wikipedia data and CIA lies are offered ‘free’ to other sites to duplicate, and CIA contractor Google fills internet search results with duplicates of Wikipedia CIA lies, while normally deleting duplicates of sites which do not have CIA endorsement

(6) Beneath the top level of Wikipedia administrators who are entirely CIA criminals, non-CIA ‘useful idiots’ are cultivated at middle and lower levels to supply content and funds, edit non-CIA topics, and be duped into defrauding their fellow citizens

(B) – CIA control of targeted Wikipedia pages for American criminal families

(7) The under-10% of Wikipedia pages serving CIA target purposes, are closely monitored 24/7 by intelligence agencies or staff members of US corporations or millionaire American child molesters, murderers etc who have CIA support

(8) Robots and automatic techniques are used by CIA, and handed out to American child molesters etc as well, to ban, block and instantly delete truth on Wikipedia, permanently banning victims or critics who try to edit a page against CIA wishes

(9) Wikipedia articles on CIA-targeted topics, involves a close ‘cherry-picking’ of links to be used as Wikipedia sources, so that any links showing that Wikipedia is lying, are deleted, and only links which appear to support the lies on Wikipedia are used

(10) When CIA parties are desperate to spread gigantic hoaxes for which no link supports at all, Wikipedia just creates ‘lies with footnotes’ naming a ‘source’ such as the CIA-tied New York Times long associated with sponsoring CIA fake ‘news’

(11) Lies and hoaxes originating in a CIA-lying Wikipedia page, develop a life of their own, and become their own sources; all US corporate media know Wikipedia is CIA, so they copy Wikipedia lies into articles, then later cited as ‘sources’ for Wikipedia

(12) CIA agents and staff members for American companies, murderers, child molesters etc., control not only a Wikipedia main entry, but also all ‘talk’ ‘discussion’ ‘controversy’ entries – Truly major critiques are totally ‘erased’ in favour of trivia

© – CIA-managed burial of millions of complaints about malicious Wikipedia lies

(13) As with the general lack of transparency of Wikipedia operations and governance, byzantine, complex, bizarre, changing procedures govern ‘complaints’ to Wikipedia, with most forms of complaining held as ‘violations of Wikipedia rules’

(14) Overall, most of the literally millions of complaints made to Wikipedia about its lies that destroy and harm so many lives, are buried and ignored, with the victim being continually banned, blocked and perpetually frustrated in every attempt

(15) With Wikipedia’s CIA managers ignoring complaints or even sending hate e-mails, victims are faced with Wikipedia threats trying to delete lying data – either they register and waive rights, or be robot-blocked and have private data exposed

(16) Interpretations of Wikipedia ‘rules’ are forever twisted to favour the CIA-backed American murderers, racists, child molesters, fraudsters, intelligence agents, and war-mongers, while used as clubs to smear and ban and block the victim

(17) Wikipedia’s CIA-tied top lawyer sometimes offers a fax number, but blocks the sender after receiving a complaint from a party he wants to ignore, while CIA-Wiki managers pretend ‘nobody is home – nobody responsible – nobody liable’

(18) Wikipedia and Google join in spreading lies and erasing truth about US judicial bribery to benefit American political families, and Wikipedia and Google co-sponsor bribing US judges to ‘order’ Wikipedia victims censored from replying to Wiki lies

(19) Wikipedia and Google have a CIA-sponsored policy to never apologise for their criminal actions to defame, destroy and defraud, regardless of how clearly those crimes took place with full approval of Jimmy Wales’ top Wikipedia administrators

(20) When Wikipedia or Google are feeling under temporary police or legal pressure, they adopt a ‘temporary fix’ policy and rapidly ‘clean up’ Wikipedia pages and Google search results, but return to lying and defaming when pressure is off

Notes on major Wikipedia deception techniques, specific case evidence

Essentially all the above criminal techniques and practices of Wikipedia, are shown in clear documentary evidence in the long criminal file of the Wikipedia and Google attacks against myself, shown in upcoming court cases involving Wikipedia and Googleand their role in the bribery of 3 American judges in partnership with Britain’s Pearson plc, other bribed media and corrupt USA law firms, serving criminal psychopaths from top American political families bribing US Presidents, Senators.

Anonymity has a reverse role when used by a CIA-backed monopoly, veiling murderers, child violators, and agents of economic and political warfare. Although being anonymous is an important protection for dissidents and whistleblowers, anonymity becomes the tool of political murderers and psychopaths when implemented by a monopoly. There is absolutely no reason for ‘anonymity’ on the monopoly ‘internet reference source encyclopaedia’, other than hiding the criminal acts of agents for top American political families, and hiding identities of psychopath attackers to enable maximum harm and helplessness of the victims.

There is good reason for anonymity on most websites and web forums, which compete with other websites in the marketplace of ideas, and where opposing views are on equal standing to reply. But that is not the case with the Google-created monopoly of Wikipedia. As is well-known, by the very nature of monopoly power, monopolies need special laws, rules, regulation and supervision, or else monopolies become savage abusers of the helpless and the innocent.

Although anonymous dissidents in various countries could certainly contribute to an ‘internet reference source’, in every case, a monopoly ‘encyclopaedia’ claiming to be based in a ‘free country’, should have every page signed by either the organisation or an identity-verified human being, who accepts international responsibility for that content. Examples are the pages on the ‘’ website, signed by real humans; or the high-quality ‘IMDB’ or ‘Internet Movie DataBase’, full of anonymous contributions, but every single entry is approved and vetted by IMDB editors who accept full responsibility and liability for published content.

Jimmy Wales and his CIA gang of Wikipedia internet fraudsters, murderers and child-violators, totally refuse to implement such common-sense measures for their criminal monopoly, in order to keep Wikipedia an active tool for the CIA and American psychopaths. Although knowing quite well who is publishing false and criminally libellous data with approval of Jimmy Wales and his team, Wikipedia is savage and instant in banning and blocking victims who try to tell the truth, Wikipedia pretends to ‘not be responsible or liable’ for the criminal lies published by people they mask as ‘Wikipedia community’ and ‘anonymous Wikipedia users’.

Although Google opposes anonymity for private individuals, victims and whistle-blowers, and tries to terminate the right of common people to be anonymous, the criminals of Google Inc and Wikipedia fully employ anonymity and use of fake names for their own criminal activities, for CIA agents and crimes, for psychopaths, extortionists, murderers and child-violators from America’s top political families.

In attacks on me that will be documented in Belgian courts, Wikipedia and Google published tens of thousands of words of lies against me using anonymous and fake names. One malicious rant to defame me had over 10,000 words by itself, published by the lawyers of Google’s David Drummond legal department on Google web servers to back Wikipedia, using the fake name ‘Sandy Corona’. In a Google search for ‘Dr Leslie Sachs’, all my own websites were blocked and censored from search results, and #1 was Google’s lies against me using the fake ‘Sandy Corona’ name. As my attackers have been recorded as saying, their goal in defaming me on Wikipedia and Google has been to “slander that Jew f-cker all over the world … bury that Jew f-cker in so much slandering sh-t, no one will ever listen to that Jew f-cker.”

Its Google-created monopoly of ‘reference information’, is what makes Wikipedia’s anonymity a criminal tool for American murderers, fraudsters and child molesters.

Wikipedia’s totally impossible ‘lies with footnotes’, repeated over and over again, believed by the entire world. Also upcoming in evidence in Belgian courts, is how Wikipedia continually repeats lies that were long ago instantly shown false by copies of United States courthouse documents. Not only did they refuse to remove the lies, but Wikipedia banned and blocked and erased anyone trying to correct the lie, or show the link to the court document proving that Wikipedia is lying.

For example, In the course of attacks against me by American psychopaths enjoying neo-Nazi fetish hate crimes, I received an extortion letter threatening a neo-Nazi book-burning of my books, followed later by actual US federal courthouse filings demanding book-burning of a Jew’s books. These actions were done to torment a Polish Jew related to Holocaust victims, and to provide entertainment for an American political millionaire enjoying Jew-domination games (sometimes with her Jewish lesbian prostitutes, but with me in a much more vicious way).

At one point I publicised these threats of book-burning, with a sticker on one of my published books. To defame me on the CIA’s Wikipedia, the story of this sticker was re-written to claim it was a sticker making some trivial ‘plagiarism accusations’ – as my attackers laughingly admitted, a “bullsh-t story” to make me seem like a “trivial, deranged, worthless Jew f-cker”.

Copies of the original book and sticker, showing it to be about neo-Nazi book-burning threats and nothing to do at all with ‘plagiarism accusations’, have long been online. However, Wikipedia always blocked any attempts to link to or post the actual truth and proof documents, and continually invited CIA-backed criminals to keep publishing the lying ‘plagiarism accusation sticker’ story. Wikipedia’s ‘footnotes’ connected to links which either did not talk about the sticker, or had copied lies about ‘plagiarism accusations’ from Wikipedia itself. Copied on many other websites, these lies deflected from the true story of extortion, banning of speech, and terrorist threats of murder, detailed in US court filings which US judges refuse to answer, which Google Inc blocks from search results, and which Wikipedia erases and blocks in its CIA-supervised campaign to defame me.

Wikipedia – Google lies about US judge bribery, helping to bribe judges to ‘order’ censorship about Wikipedia crimes. One of the major CIA agendas is duping EU companies and governments regarding US judge bribery, when the USA no longer has any independent judiciary. Google directly exchanges favours with bribe-taking US judges, with Wikipedia providing extensive hoaxing support, while witnesses, victims, journalists are ‘erased’ from Google, and slandered on Wikipedia. Wikipedia and Google are ferocious in this CIA project, for a USA where high judges are murdered if they rule against the government (John Roll), Congress members who supervise judges are murdered (Sonny Bono), US prosecutors are murdered, lawyers instantly lose their law licence, media are extorted and intimidated, etc.

Google duped British Telecom into suing Google in the USA, as BT was unaware of the Google – US judge bribery ‘deals’ to give favour to Google in US courts. All across Europe, individuals, companies and governments, defrauded by Wall Street firms or US companies or abused by the US regime itself, they are tricked by Google and Wikipedia into entering US courts, looking for ‘justice’ like in Hollywood movies, only to find the reality is what my own attackers have been recorded as smugly laughing and shouting, “Bribed American judges, motherf-cker!”

After becoming a political refugee from the US in Europe, with my credentials as a Harvard classmate of US leaders and among the most highly educated people who have ever lived inside the USA, I became well-known for my European journalism on US judge bribery, and US-CIA media control through Wikipedia and Google.

In order to spread lies about me, and to erase my websites from the web, Wikipedia and Google helped sponsor a fake in absentia US ‘trial’ against me, with laughable perjury I was magically evading the whole USA Homeland Security network, and sneaking into America from Belgium to ‘stalk’ a friend of the Bush family. The trial was held by one-way e-mail to Europe, with me getting a string of harassing e-mails from US lawyers and the bribed judge himself, acting like a pervert and sending me harassing e-mails through Google Gmail.

The criminally harassing e-mails from the US federal judge only stopped when I wrote to the judge painting a verbal picture of how, after a US revolution, dishonest US judges like himself might be hanging by their necks in front of the courthouse, dead bodies swinging in their black robes. (Like most Europeans I am opposed to the death penalty – but I was threatened myself with being hanged in a US jail cell in a fake ‘suicide’, and this did stop the bribed judge from his personal harassment.)

In addition to harassing e-mails, Wikipedia and Google also helped their US partners e-mail me computer viruses to destroy European computers, such criminality fuelled by a US Justice Department letter promising that no criminal acts against me will be prosecuted in the USA, and Americans are encouraged to harass me and take any action to destroy me or kill me. Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder fully supports Wikipedia and Google censoring and spreading lies on the European internet, to support hiding the bribery corruption of American judges.

When the bribe-taking US judges hold a fake international trial by one-way e-mail, the flow of court filings only go one way. Only the political millionaires paying bribes are allowed to make court filings, court filings by the victim are not accepted. Indeed my court filings to the Appeals and Supreme Courts of the United States, are never answered – US judges do not accept court filings exposing US judge bribery crimes.

Encouraged by Wikipedia lies before, during and after the bribery of US Federal Judge Norman Moon, Judge Moon was invited by Google and Wikipedia to use them to help cover for the misconduct of ‘Judge Robert Payne is my name, Federal bribery game’, and his boss, Appeals Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III, whose corruption I exposed, leading to Judge Wilkinson being denied appointment as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. This ironically led to my Harvard classmate John Roberts becoming America’s top judge. US Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts accepts the US bribery system, and was personally terrorised by the political murder of Federal Judge John Roll, shot dead on the street after ruling against Obama in classic CIA-type assassination with a drugged-up ‘lone gunman’ taking blame.

Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia, and Google legal chief David Drummond, are among the world’s worse ‘cyber-stalkers’, with Wikipedia being the leading website in the world engaged in criminal cyber stalking using anonymous and fake names. But as Wikipedia and Google joined in the bribery of US Judge Moon, receiving cash to ‘order’ Google to block my websites so I can reply to lies about me on the internet, one of the absurd insults signed by Judge Moon was that I was a ‘cyberstalker’ of the American psychopaths and child-violators threatening to murder me. Thousands of words of lies against me on Wikipedia and Google, but Wikipedia and Google help bribe a US judge to declare me a ‘cyber stalker’ because I dare to reply to the lies.

This was combined with the ludicrous US court perjury that I was somehow travelling from my safe haven in Europe, magically and secretly re-entering the USA, and physically ‘stalking’ a psychopath friend of George Bush around her house, before sneaking back into Europe. As my attackers say regarding the perjured ‘stalking’ and fake ‘cyber-stalking’ stories, “That’s the way you’ve got to destroy a Jew f-cker like that, make him sound like a rapist or something.”

Even the US government admits this is all perjury and a hoax by my attackers, but that did not stop Wikipedia and Google from repeatedly broadcasting these impossible lies (while I am banned from replying). It also does not stop the murdering US lawyer Joan Lukey (Ropes Gray firm of Boston / London, after being fired by WilmerHale for her role in terrorist acts against Europe), from using bribery cash to place news stories about me as ‘stalker’ with both David Mehegan at the CIA-tied New York Times, and with Alan Rusbridger at the UK Guardian, bribed by Pearson plc book contracts to support the Pearson bribery scheme of 3 US judges.

Meanwhile, for Google and Wikipedia, they use the Adolf Hitler excuse that ‘We are just following orders!’, pointing to US judge ‘court orders’ to block my websites on the European internet, despite the fact that Wikipedia and Google helped to bribe that judge, and that it is illegal to spread lies and hoaxes and censor the European internet because a half-crazy judge in America gets a bag of bribery cash.

But the lies of Wikipedia and Google against me, go far beyond mere ‘court orders’ of US judges they help to bribe. What matters to Wikipedia and Google, is spreading lies, slandering, hoaxing and stalking, to cover up for their own criminal actions.

Finland shows – and will need – courage to oppose these CIA criminals

There are many, many victims of Wikipedia (and of Google), many companies and many individuals throughout the world, who have been harmed, destroyed or killed. Damage to Finland’s companies and economy may already be in many billions.

As you confront Wikipedia and Google about their fundraising fraud and other criminal acts in Finland, you will likely experience criminal efforts at obstructing and perverting justice. Wikipedia-Google criminals have been laughing at ‘stupid British police’, and these smug Americans are likely thinking they are ‘so clever’ with Finland as well. Perhaps they will claim the many crimes against me were some ‘isolated breakdown of Wikipedia procedures’ – Ha!. Or make fresh attempts to tell lies about me and defame me, via more articles from journalists or others who took bribes, or even from people who just copied ‘lies with footnotes’ on Wikipedia.

The US State Department, fully supporting the CIA’s Wikipedia-Google activities, will be applying pressure to Finland’s officials, to ‘go easy’ on their pet CIA project which is so globally successful. They would like Finland’s officials to think about how their reputations and political futures in elections are dependent on Wikipedia and Google saying nice things about them, and not slandering them like I am slandered.

Criminal Americans are ready to fly to Helsinki with big bags of delicious tax-evading bribery cash, lawyers from American law firms like Ropes Gray, or Google company executives fearing billions of losses if their Wikipedia-CIA operations become more exposed and known through criminal convictions in Europe.

The US regime would like Finnish officials to remember how they can be killed, like so many others have died opposing CIA activities, just as I might be dead soon.

Whether through hoaxes and deceptions, or bribery, or intimidation, the American regime and CIA hope Finnish police and officials will agree to be submissive and do nothing about the defrauding of Finnish people, and the long-term rape of Finnish economic interests.

During the 20th century Finnish fighters became well-known and praised for great bravery against foreign invaders. Finland’s police and officials, will need that same kind of bravery now, in opposing the CIA fraudsters and murderers of Wikipedia.

To assist as much as possible in ending the many criminal acts of Wikipedia and Google Inc against my fellow Europeans, this report is given to media and other organisations with full permission to anyone to share, republish or translate it freely in whole or in part.

Respectfully yours,

Dr Les (Leszek – Leslie) Sachs

– Scholar of the history of law and religion, with 7 earned academic degrees from 3 universities, the first two from Harvard University, alongside many US leaders;

– Polish and EU citizen with the heritage of Jews of Warsaw uprising resistance; of Asian spirituality seeing the divine in animals, nature, and Arjuna the warrior of the Bhagavad Gita;

– Winner of US Department of Justice Superior Performance Award, in a long-ago, less-fascist USA, back when even America did not have the death penalty;

– Former nationally-known US anti-corruption book author, media publisher;

– Target of US threats of terrorist political murder, perhaps soon dead;

– Brussels, Belgium, photo chronicler of ‘Historic Brussels’ and martyrs of anti-Nazi resistance interred at the Ereperk der Gefusilleerden – Enclos des Fusillés;

– Former USA resident who risked being tortured to death, facing down terrorist gangster lawyers in a US courtroom, alone because US lawyers cowered in fear, attempting defence of human and Constitutional rights inside the United States;

– Former leading global journalist on US judicial bribery and CIA media control efforts, author of articles now ‘erased’ and of websites illegally blocked by CIA-Google, a target continuously defamed and slandered by CIA-Wikipedia and associated extortionists, racists, and murderers of America’s top political families.“


Google specifically violated the United Nations Charter which restricts court jurisdiction to a
country’s own borders. Corrupt Google lawyers pretended that an ‘order to Google’ from a
US judge receiving a child rapist’s bag of bribery cash, was a worldwide order to run a global
stalking and harassment campaign, and block a European citizen from having his response to
lies and defamations visible in search results – a complete violation of the European
Convention on Human Rights. With Google well-known now to European authorities as a
criminal, corrupt company – thanks in part to reports to the European Commission and
European governments, by Google victim Dr Les Sachs – Google has been hit with billions of
euros in fines. For the Google lawyers, however, the billions in fines are not as important as
Google assistance for Hillary Clinton, corrupt US officials and law firms.

BREAKING–>DOJ IG memo Mueller bribery extorti…

BREAKING–>DOJ IG memo Mueller bribery extortion.pdf: undefined

Awake – Reiseführer ins Erwachen Teil 1

Awake – Reiseführer ins Erwachen Teil 1:



Quotes from the film

Travel guide to awakening

We live our lives to 95% unconscious, that means that the last 5% are conscious decisions we make. That explain why some most things in our lives go bad and the rest not.

During the first 6 years when you’re a child your subconsciousness acts like a tape recorder and records everything that happens to you. In childhood you’re in a state of hypnosis. Everything the child observes and hears (f.e. you’re don’t deserve this or you’re not lovable), it downloads like a program. Maybe that’s the reason why many have a wrong association what love really is, because they learned that they had to fight for it during childhood. As they grow up, they confound love with other feelings. The things and situations you recorded in childhood follow you thru the rest of your live no matter if you’re already years old, the old programs still run.

As soon as you remember your past you have the ability to transform it now in the presence.

In order to know your subconscious believes you memorized during childhood you don’t have to go back in time, just look around your present live and become aware of the 95% of the subconscious programs, that still run to this day…it’s like a copy of that programs. If you struggle or have to work hard to get what you desire then it may be possible that your subconscious believes don’t allow you go there where you would like to be! Your conscious mind is trying to struggle against the believes of the subconscious mind. 

If your back hurts than the cause of this pain is the believe that you have to endure everything alone in your life.  According to Rüdiger Dahlke your body is like the stage for the hidden shadows that are stored in your subconscious believe system and some day manifest on the front stage. At this point you have the chance to become aware of those shadows and bring them to your conscious mind to let go.

F.e. if you’re a child in big family and have other three sister or brothers and you as a child start believing that you don’t get enough that you deserve more than when you grow up what happens is, that you still have this feeling and even if you have a lot of money and can afford many things, you still think you don’t get enough and deserve more or maybe you start eating too much because of the program!

What are the problems? What are the tools for healing

#1 I’am not my body -I’m free (A course in miracles, lesson no. 199)

Become aware of the root of suffering. It’s the believe that you are your body.  The thought is right, believing is the problem! If you believe that, you start existing as an individuum and the programs start to download. The existence of this feeling of an independed body is the birth of the EGO….and these are the creations –>This is my body, my emotions, my life, my family, my, my,my…as soon as the ‘me’ and ‘my’ disappears, the EGO is dead and you’re free!

#2 Identification with your mind

Our mind comments the past, images of the future, fear, valuation, judgement. It is this capacity to make a comment on reality, which allows us to imagine a building and then build it. The mind allows us imagination but at the same time it’s a curse. This capacity of thinking and imagine is a wonderful servant if YOU can use it the right way but it makes terrible Master if not. Almost all human beings have lost the capacity to switch the mind OFF. The thinking process is no longer something useful it becomes a disease. Thoughts are just thoughts but beginning to believe them that’s the problem. If you think what YOU believe is right, than pain starts! You will have to leave the idea of perfection.and come to the conclusion that YOU are a imperfect, wonderful human being.

The settlement of the “UNITED STATES” from a s…

The settlement of the “UNITED STATES” from a spiritual point of view–>Google Translate:


The bigger picture is cosmic nature

How did it come to that and why the whole thing? When we go to the spiritual level, it becomes clear: trust and the deep state play the role of evil in the earthly game of form. This evil has been granted in the last 5,100 years, according to the Vedas. The Vedas speak of this period as the dark age – a time of illusions and wars. The primary war was the one that was carried out against man and the unfolding of life. Importantly, the illusions and wars of the dark cycle were, as Armin Risi emphasizes, never necessary. But to realize that, the dark age was necessary. One could also speak of an unnecessary necessity – a paradox which is referred to in the Veda as “acintya”. Acintya is anything that is not fully understood by the human mind. Not just the Americans, but virtually every soul that has decided to incarnate here on Earth in the last few thousand years has done so in the awareness of what the Great Forgotten is called. In other words, we wanted to find out how far we can get away from our creative essence and lose ourselves in condensation. Evil in the form of the Deep State has allowed us to experience it. However, the window of opportunity was limited from the beginning. It was never intended that the evil prevails.

If one observes the happenings on the North American continent and, in addition, takes up the Vedic perspective, one can not deny the impression that the said time window is indeed closing. The dark cycle is coming to an end and the chance of losing oneself in material density is over. This also applies to the dark side, who wanted to experience in the form of the Deep State, how far she can go. However, before the people in America, and shortly thereafter in the rest of the world, advance to the next higher level of development and enter the golden age, the Yuga-Sāndhya is typical of the upheavals.Time for the hammer of THOR!

The Shadow Statesmen must decide: either they change to the side of the good or they are judged according to the rules of the earthly game of form for their offenses against the people and the life.Unfortunately, some souls have lost so much in the game of the Pole that a refining is impossible. If they are, they will be completely removed from the physical plane, as we can see in some of the key figures of the Deep State, such as David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzeziński and John McCain. The list of objectors may become even longer. What is likely to increase is the number of those sentenced under earthly laws. Trump presumably has not issued several presidential orders just for fun, which prepare the above-mentioned detention of the actors of the Deep State. For example, Executive Order 13818 of December 2017 allows the assets of individuals guilty of corruption and human rights violations to be frozen. By contrast, Executive Order 13825 of March 2018 has brought drastic changes to the US Military Penal Code and created the legal basis for civilians to be placed before a military tribunal. The approximately 95,000 sealed indictments are intended to put the defendants in front of exactly such tribunals and to disclose the Deep State in all its depth and visible to everyone.

It is crucial to understand that it is not Trump who brings about change. It’s about a picture that’s so much bigger than Trump’s ego. It’s not about the person holding the office – Winnie the Pooh could have been US President as well. It is about an energetic thrust that was not visible in this form in the past 5,000 years. Trump is merely the mouthpiece visible to the public. And even the military forces behind him are just a tool of ‘force majeure’. Neither she nor Trump will judge the world for us. Rather, Trump and the background forces have a function similar to that of a schoolboy. Such a school guard takes care that the board does not squeak, replace bulbs and repair doors. It provides ideal learning conditions, but the students have to learn by themselves…

Only when we realize that no injustice compensates for the wrong done to the world, the karmic cycle comes to an end. If the Deep State is in front of us in all its atrocities, one thing will be most important: our ability to forgive. It is she who will decide whether to pass the spiritual final exam and move into the golden age.

Google Translate> What you have not been able …

Google Translate> What you have not been able to know about the world so far as the average consumer (1800 – 2020):

“The last matrix was set up in the time of industrialization, in which beings who served humanity as an energy source prevailed.  
An acid atmosphere in the atmosphere (through burning and Rus
evolution), as well as an acidic milieu of the body (hyperacidity), was a
crucial necessity for these beings to enforce their manipulative
Opposed to this was the everlasting implosion energy of a Nikola Tesla,
who cultivated and implemented the zero point energy of man and of
nature in order to initiate the next evolutionary step of humanity.
 Since then, there has been a drag on evolution through the dark side of power. “

If you wish to keep slaves, you must have all …

If you wish to keep slaves, you must have all kinds of guards. The cheapest way to have guards is to have the slaves pay taxes to finance their own guards. To fool the slaves, you tell them that they are not slaves and that they have Freedom. You tell them they need Law and Order to protect them against bad slaves. Then you tell them to elect a Government. Give them Freedom to vote and they will vote for their own guards and pay their salary. They will then believe they are Free persons. Then give them money to earn, count and spend and they will be too busy to notice the slavery they are in.