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This man (Michael Roberson) is probably a parasited host of a Vril lizard (also known as a “Drone”). Aside from what he did, one of his eyes is bulging out (which is something that one may experience, after being “droned” by a Vril lizard). One is no longer human, after the droning process is complete. Drones are human on the outside and Vril (consciousness) on the “inside”. #KillVril

Man arrested for stabbing the mother of his child and gouging out both her eyes:

Facebook is trying to prevent me from spreading the truth about the Illuminati. At first, I couldn’t post any text or pictures and now, I can’t even see my Facebook page. My Facebook page:

UPDATED: As I’ve said before, Twitch streamers (and I’m not just talking about the ones that have like millions of views or followers) attend the Illuminati cloning centers. I have an idea to help spread awareness…

Ask Twitch streamers via chat when they’re Live (it says if they’re Live at the top-right of the video), if they attend the Illuminati cloning centers or if they have ever heard of it (tell them about it, if they don’t know or so-called don’t know). Ask them what do they think about it, if they believe it, etc. Do this when they have at least like a thousand (or even just like a hundred or whatever) people watching (it says the number of viewers or people “Watching Now” in red at the bottom-right, below the video). Before you type the message in the chat box (on the bottom-right side of the video), type “@” (without the quotes) and a list of Twitch users (or just the streamer) will pop-up. Select the streamers name and then proceed to type the message. One can just simply type “@” (without the quotes) followed by the streamers name (no spaces) too, if they want. Either way is fine.

Even better, you can donate money (like a dollar, if that’s the minimum donation amount) or use this thing called “Bits” for “Cheering" (which is just another way, aside from donating money to support the streamer) and attach a message. The message will pop-up on screen live for everyone to see. Check the donation section (below their video) to see what the minimum donation/bits amount is, for a message to show up on screen. Pay attention to their reaction, how they sound, their body language, etc. In addition, some of them make-it kind-of obvious as they already have Illuminati symbolism (e.g. one-eye, pyramid/triangle, etc.) on their clothes, in the background, as part of their profile picture, video player banner, etc. or they even throw-up a Baphomet hand-sign or the satanic 666 while they’re streaming. When they’re done streaming live, Twitch saves the video and anyone can find it, in the video section of the streamer thus increasing the amount of views (and people becoming aware of the info).

Them not reading the message (assuming it wasn’t a pop-up on screen due to donating money or “Cheering with Bits”) or responding, should tell you something. However, it’s possible that they simply did not see the message (like if the messages were going by too fast due to a lot of comments or if, they’re too busy playing, walking around, etc.) or maybe they don’t even read messages. Furthermore, their mods might delete the message, before it’s seen by the streamer (or by many people watching). Some moderators are Illuminati members/supporters. That’s why it would be better to send the streamer a message attached to a donation or with Bits to force them and the viewers to see it. Although, there are streamers that state on their Twitch channel, how the message may not be shown on screen. One should scroll down on their channel and read the donation section to see, if the streamer states this. If so, then perhaps one should just comment “the free way”. If they don’t acknowledge/respond to you or the message, you can always keep using chat to keep putting the pressure on. You could say in chat something like, “why doesn’t [streamer name] respond, is he/she part of it or something?“ and/or talk to the other people in chat about the subject. Other people viewing the stream can see what you type in chat, including those that watch the video when it’s no longer live because Twitch even saves the entirety of chat that had occurred during the stream. For example, you can ask others in chat if they ever heard of the cloning centers and to help get [streamer name] to respond. You could always talk about other topics as well in chat or directly to the streamer that are relevant (e.g. Vril lizards, parasited hosts of Vril or “Drones”, the Soulstone microchip and chipheads, etc.) until you get a response. Ask for help spreading the info.

Search for streamers on Twitch (especially, the popular ones) and surprise them with the truth.

Twitch website:


One experience at the Illuminati cloning centers… As far as I remember, it was dark and there was this device with numbers on it. Some dude (I think I saw him but I’m not 100% sure) said something like, “there’s too many of them, we can’t kill them all”. He was referring to drones (parasited hosts of Vril lizards) and the number that was shown to me or that I saw, was over 120,000,000 (as far as I recall). It seems-like they have no intention on dealing with the drone/host problem that they (the Illuminati) have caused. #KillVril



Queen Elizabeth has a pet Vril type 1 lizard named “Matilda”. Vladimir Putin has a pet Vril type 1 lizard and its name is something like “Zee Bo”. Henry Kissinger has a pet Vril type 1 lizard named “Herbert”.

Canadian hip-hop musician k-os’ (Kevin Brereton) music video “Crabbuckit” is comparable to Roddy Piper’s “They Live”. In both, there are “special” sunglasses that are used to see whether or not one is a “drone” (a parasited host of a Vril lizard). Essentially, they both show how one can be around hosts/drones and not even know. However, the former is a little more revealing because the creature (“disguised” as a human) that is seen (with the use of the sunglasses) is a close representation (screenshot above) of what a real Vril type 1 lizard’s face looks-like.

Alex Jones hints that the former Secretary of State, John Kerry is a parasited human host of a Vril lizard (also known as a “Drone”). He mentions “Reptoids”, which is another name for “Reptilians”. As I’ve said before, Vril lizards and drones (hosts of Vril) ARE the “reptilian shape-shifters”. He says that he interviewed Roddy Piper from the movie, “They Live”. Alex Jones only said this because he was giving the viewer or listener, another hint or clue as the movie is about hosts/drones. John Kerry even appears to be licking his lips in this video, which is something that hosts or drones like to do and Alex says that’s all he kept doing. Additionally, Alex refers to John as a “Demon”, which is another name for Vril lizards.