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The bigger picture is cosmic nature

How did it come to that and why the whole thing? When we go to the spiritual level, it becomes clear: trust and the deep state play the role of evil in the earthly game of form. This evil has been granted in the last 5,100 years, according to the Vedas. The Vedas speak of this period as the dark age – a time of illusions and wars. The primary war was the one that was carried out against man and the unfolding of life. Importantly, the illusions and wars of the dark cycle were, as Armin Risi emphasizes, never necessary. But to realize that, the dark age was necessary. One could also speak of an unnecessary necessity – a paradox which is referred to in the Veda as “acintya”. Acintya is anything that is not fully understood by the human mind. Not just the Americans, but virtually every soul that has decided to incarnate here on Earth in the last few thousand years has done so in the awareness of what the Great Forgotten is called. In other words, we wanted to find out how far we can get away from our creative essence and lose ourselves in condensation. Evil in the form of the Deep State has allowed us to experience it. However, the window of opportunity was limited from the beginning. It was never intended that the evil prevails.

If one observes the happenings on the North American continent and, in addition, takes up the Vedic perspective, one can not deny the impression that the said time window is indeed closing. The dark cycle is coming to an end and the chance of losing oneself in material density is over. This also applies to the dark side, who wanted to experience in the form of the Deep State, how far she can go. However, before the people in America, and shortly thereafter in the rest of the world, advance to the next higher level of development and enter the golden age, the Yuga-Sāndhya is typical of the upheavals.Time for the hammer of THOR!

The Shadow Statesmen must decide: either they change to the side of the good or they are judged according to the rules of the earthly game of form for their offenses against the people and the life.Unfortunately, some souls have lost so much in the game of the Pole that a refining is impossible. If they are, they will be completely removed from the physical plane, as we can see in some of the key figures of the Deep State, such as David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzeziński and John McCain. The list of objectors may become even longer. What is likely to increase is the number of those sentenced under earthly laws. Trump presumably has not issued several presidential orders just for fun, which prepare the above-mentioned detention of the actors of the Deep State. For example, Executive Order 13818 of December 2017 allows the assets of individuals guilty of corruption and human rights violations to be frozen. By contrast, Executive Order 13825 of March 2018 has brought drastic changes to the US Military Penal Code and created the legal basis for civilians to be placed before a military tribunal. The approximately 95,000 sealed indictments are intended to put the defendants in front of exactly such tribunals and to disclose the Deep State in all its depth and visible to everyone.

It is crucial to understand that it is not Trump who brings about change. It’s about a picture that’s so much bigger than Trump’s ego. It’s not about the person holding the office – Winnie the Pooh could have been US President as well. It is about an energetic thrust that was not visible in this form in the past 5,000 years. Trump is merely the mouthpiece visible to the public. And even the military forces behind him are just a tool of ‘force majeure’. Neither she nor Trump will judge the world for us. Rather, Trump and the background forces have a function similar to that of a schoolboy. Such a school guard takes care that the board does not squeak, replace bulbs and repair doors. It provides ideal learning conditions, but the students have to learn by themselves…

Only when we realize that no injustice compensates for the wrong done to the world, the karmic cycle comes to an end. If the Deep State is in front of us in all its atrocities, one thing will be most important: our ability to forgive. It is she who will decide whether to pass the spiritual final exam and move into the golden age.

Book author Corsi claims Donald Trump was asked by the military to become president three years ago: undefined


Remember, if you vote, you’re approving the misuse and exploit of power. Nothing will change.

Dont play their games

Dont give your power away

Dont approve to their rules

Real change comes from you, nobody else.

Sacred/secret bloodlines. 


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