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David Adair Says He Designed Fusion Rocket Engine Like One Found at Area 51:

Who is David Adair?

Adair says he was a child prodigy when it came to astrophysics and
rocket science, voraciously reading through all of the relevant
literature he could find at his local library. According to his story,
when a local librarian noticed he was correcting the flawed data in
astrophysics texts, she was amazed and ordered him hundreds more. Adair
became enamored with space travel, designing rocket propulsion systems
with cryogenic fluids. Eventually this led to his creation of a new type
of system that had never before been created, the electromagnetic
fusion containment engine. With this engine, he says, his rocket could
propel from zero to 8,654 mph in just over four seconds.

Adair was awarded “Most Outstanding in the Field of Engineering” by
the U.S. Air Force and was featured in local papers. He says that, upon
receiving that award, he started accepting federal funding from the
Department of Education’s National Science Foundation, thanks to
Congressman John Ashbrook. At this point, his mother became intimidated
by the amount of attention he was receiving from different military
agencies, until she was assuaged by General Curtis LeMay, who would
inevitably prove to be a fortuitous relationship for Adair. Several
years later, he says he was recruited by the Navy to design mechanisms
for changing jet turbine engines.

But after his rocket design at the age of 17, Adair says he was
brought to White Sands Missile Testing Facility in southern New Mexico
to test launch his rocket. He was told to launch it at a dried-up lake
bed of specific coordinates in Nevada.  That lake bed, known as Groom
Lake, happened to be at an undisclosed military base, now known as Area
51. Adair’s launch went off without a hitch, landing at the Nevada test
site with parachutes deployed and ready to be reused and launched almost
immediately, according to him – Elon Musk would have been jealous.

David Adair,

Adair says he was then flown directly to the Groom Lake base, where
he was met by black-suited, government agents and shown to an
underground facility where a rocket engine of similar nature was kept.
The rocket was unlike anything he had ever seen and appeared to be
punctured. He said he wondered why the Air Force was asking him to
repair an engine they had designed, which was far superior to his own.
But upon further inspection, he quickly understood it to be of alien
origin and claims that it was actually a living organism that could only
be controlled telepathically. When he started asking questions, the
government agents knew that he was not as naïve as they assumed.

A Sinister Intent

Adair claims that one of the agents he met at Area 51 was the
infamous, former Nazi rocket scientist Arthur Rudolph. He also notes
that there was an intention to use his rocket as a tool for implementing
a first strike, during the Cold War. Also involved in this military
conspiracy was General LeMay, who had helped Adair attain the funding to
build his rocket. He was known as a war monger with an incredibly
hawkish military strategy. He believed in the idea that, in nuclear
warfare, a successful strike would have to be capable of killing an
entire nation, otherwise there would be mutually assured destruction.
LeMay built out the Strategic Air Command program so that it would be
capable of dropping 80 percent of its arsenal at once. To avoid mutually
assured destruction, the military needed first strike capability. So,
according to Adair, LeMay was interested in the incredible speed that
could be achieved by his fusion-contained propulsion system.

Adair says that upon realizing the military’s intent, he had to
somehow sabotage his rocket so that it couldn’t be used as a vehicle for
a nuclear warhead. Thinking quickly on his feet and using some cunning
ingenuity, Adair says he collected graphite grease to cause a chemical
reaction with deuterium, an isotope necessary for fusion reactions that
was contained in the rocket’s inner workings. This tactic worked,
setting off a massive explosion. According to Adair, this upset Rudolph,
who threatened to imprison him at the base for the rest of his life,
forcing him to remain there and continue working, while telling his
family that he had died in a horrible accident. General LeMay came to
his rescue however, and allowed him to return home. Adair said that
Rudolph had very little authority due to his Nazi history.

In the documentation ABOVE MAJESTIC David Adair told the audience that he was able to rebuld his famous fusion rocket engine and that after he passes away ,immediately informations for building his engine will automatically extracted to the internet. Entire packages with settings are hidden on servers around the world.

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Our Moon is a Command Center

In various
interviews such as with Jeff
, Tompkins puts forth his theory that

our moon
is not a natural
object but rather an artificial object
and command center.

This aligns with
what other researchers such as

David Icke
have warned about.

Our moon doesn’t
rotate, and neither do other moons of other planets. Conventional
physics explains this is because of a tidal lock, but is it perhaps
because these artificial objects are hiding something on their dark
sides facing away from their host planet?

Tompkins states
that when the first astronauts went to the moon, they were shocked
to discover it was already occupied – by

Draco Reptilians


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Ex USAF Colonel & Boeing Engineer Explains What Really Happened During Apollo 13: undefined

“Dr. Puthoff is also in close contact with billionaire Robert Bigelow, founder of Bigelow Aerospace. This company was officially commissioned by the US Department of Defense to investigate UFOs and other paranormal phenomena. The
December 2017 issue of The New York Times featured an article by
Bigelow Aerospace announcing that it is rebuilding its own Las Vegas
building to securely store the collected materials from the ADAM
project, which are UFO-derived. The
goal is to get behind the mystery of the propulsion systems of these
objects so that it can be used for interstellar flight, because our
established propulsion systems simply are not capable of doing so
because they are way too slow to travel to the stars to travel!

revelations show that the American government is now quickly turning to
the secret of UFOs because insiders know that all of these samples and
physical insights have been known for many years and have been
successfully rebuilt decades ago in secret systems. A
new report (PDF) by a member of the US Senate has now been released
reporting on these extremely advanced propulsion systems and their
evaluation. These
propulsion systems therefore work with super-advanced concepts of
quantum mechanics, nuclear science and electromagnetic theories,
anti-gravity and thermodynamics!“

new article tells us that every effort is made to stop this research
because there is evidence that these phenomena pose a threat to national
security because the unknown flying objects show a strong interest in
terrestrial nuclear weapons. In
more than 150 cases, military veterans and security personnel have
testified that they have observed mysterious intruders about nuclear
installations. In
the days of the Cold War, nuclear weapons were routinely detonated in
Nevada, in 1955 alone a total of 14 atomic bombs were detonated, and
thousands of military personnel have observed that there were also other
spectators – the so-called flying saucers, which were often on the Test site were seen. Several
employees of the bases explained that these unknown flying objects
could be observed for hours and even days after the bombs were fired
over the test area!

Robert Hastings spent forty years searching for eyewitnesses and also
interviewed numerous military veterans who worked in these programs. He was able to locate about 150 of them and everyone told the same story. They
unanimously declared that UFOs routinely watched American nuclear
tests and even managed to disrupt the functioning of these
dangerous weapons! Thousands of pages of formerly secret reports have been released in recent decades confirming these stories. As
a result, a thick pile of documents came together, demonstrating that
there have been these observations by UFOs since the late 1940s. At that time, these weapons were developed in the Los Alamos base, they were also spotted over the Hanford plant. There, the necessary plutonium was processed, yet the US Department of Defense has no official record of these sightings. Robert
Hastings confirmed, however, that civilians living near these test
facilities saw entire UFO fleets hovering in formation over the bases!“


If you want to know more about the background of the secret space program, which once started in Germany, read my book “ My father was a MiB ”. It also tells you everything about aliens’ actions on Earth and their plans. There are also whistleblowers who explain everything about the now occurring increase of energy in the solar system and the great transformation or the ascent. In the follow – up book “ My father was a MiB – Volume 2 ”, I report on the true, hitherto hidden history of our planet Earth and why you want to hide these facts from you. Ancient prophecies tell of the now-coming End Times and the transition to a new age, as a great cosmic cycle of 26,000 years ends. You must not miss this!

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!!  Now it is official !!  Harvard scientists confirm spaceship !!

The expected disclosure of the population shares of the planet, which can be seen outside the box (or saucer) is implemented.     Different organizations are working hard on it.   We are a nation of many spatial nations  
 For all others, the Armageddon is staged   …………………………………………..

……..   Russian news portal published   New details on cigar-shaped asteroid: Researchers suspect alien probe   CC BY 2.0 / European Southern Observatory / Artist’s impression of the interstellar asteroid `Oumuamua   Knowledge   09:44 06.11.2018   (updated 13:32 06.11.2018)   To the short link   16   108 45  
According to Harvard University scientists Shmuel Bialy and Abraham
Loeb, the space object known as Oumuamua, which was discovered in
October 2017, could be a probe sent by an alien civilization.   A report will appear in the journal “The Astrophysical Journal Letters”.

When the mysterious asteroid left the limits of the solar system, he
had increased his speed and not the other way around, as the researchers
said should have been.
The scientists excluded the fact that this could happen because of a
gas outbreak inside the space body, since this phenomenon is typical for
comets (“Oumuamua” is not a comet).
In addition, the acceleration due to the gas outbreak should have
caused the spin effect of the asteroid – but also that did not exist.  The researchers assume that the mysterious object was probably set in motion under the pressure of solar radiation.

The researchers believe that the object could be “a fully functional
probe” intentionally “sent by an alien civilization into the vicinity of
the Earth,” reports NBC .
 Shmuel Bialy and Abraham Loeb suggest that “Oumuamua” may be a kind of spaceship , an “awning of artificial origin”.
Among other things, the unusual trajectory of the object and its
seemingly independent, not to be explained by gravity shear development
speak for this. 

  CC0 / pixabay / hucky   Genetic Superman and the Colonization of New Planets: Hawking’s Last Book   Earlier, Loeb told the Universe Today portal: “Oumuamua could be an active piece of alien technology that has come to explore our solar system;
as well as we hope to explore Alpha Centauri with Starshot and similar
technologies. "The object” Oumuamua “was discovered on 19 October 2017
by the Pan-STARRS telescope in Hawaii.  Originally thought to be a comet, later the object was classified as an asteroid.  Because of its cigar form many observers consider the approximately 400 -meter-long body for an interplanetary spaceship.


 Already in December 2017 I wrote about the true character of the flying object.

 Spaceship of the Lyra in our solar system?

  For the first time interstellar asteroid crosses our solar system   An unknown, cigar-shaped object from interstellar space was first observed in our solar system!   On
October 19, for the first time in the observation history of our solar
system, an "asteroid” from another star system entered our solar system.  NASA   A cigar-like object from the main star Vega of the constellation Lyra!   Who are the vegans?   Who are the Lyrians?   And what do they want in our solar system?   vegan       The
trend is not random vegans and vegetarians, (Hitler was Veget-ARIER)
because the plant beings, plant devas, plant spirits, Ents, nature
spirits and elementals, who care about the plant world are an important
part of the planet.   In
addition to water creatures (blue planet), the vegans, lyrians,
insectoids, reptiloids, the humanoids are important species of this
planet, with the humanoids only the last to poke.   


predecessor species of Humaoiden are the Lyrianer. They are also called
the cat creatures, who had a significant role in society among the
Egyptians and the cat has been the holiest animal of the upper class.  Bastit is her goddess.  All lion symbolism, from heraldry to the Lions club, Richard the Lionheart and the Lion of Zion are connected with the Lyrians!   As
before, the cats are very touching and effectively take care of the
areas of their 2-legged younger siblings and help clear up energetic
states.   The
reason why these species are now in our solar system indicates that the
very ancient, powerful species that belong to the founding races of our
planet intervene in these revolutionary times.   Terra Gaia is the impetus, the other systems are the domino effect!   From here:   source

Recently, with the PanSTARRS-1 telescope in Hawaii, an extremely unusual object in the solar system has been observed that has no fixed orbit around the sun.  The researchers Duncan Forgan and Arwen Nicholson of the University of Edinburgh in
Scotland even speculate whether this could be a self-reproducing robot
probe from an alien civilization that has come into our solar system.  The two researchers published a work in 2013 ( Slingshot Dynamics for Self Replicating Probes and the Effect on Exploration Timescales ).  In their work, the two mathematicians talk about alien probes that are traveling on research expeditions through space.  The work was published in the Journal of Astrobiology .  These probes could exploit the gravitational effect of the sun and thereby accelerate out of the solar system.  It works like a slingshot and catapults the probe back into the interstellar space.  This technique has also been used with the NASA Voyager probe . 

The alien probes could absorb dust and gases on their journey and replicate more probes themselves.   Such
unmanned probes could explore our entire galaxy within just 10 million
years if they traveled at one-tenth of the speed of light.
 Come into a solar system, slow down to observe and then use the sun as a catapult to accelerate out of the system.  In September 2017, it was time and such an object could actually be observed.  Astronomers working with the Pan-STARRS-1 telescope in Hawaii discovered an unusual asteroid they named 1L / 2017 U1 .  The object was located between the orbit of Mercury and the Sun.  The astronomers calculated the trajectory of the comet and discovered that it had come from outside the solar system.   In mid-November, an anonymous astronomer spoke on the web site : I
could never publicly claim that, but I swear to God that we astronomers
are seriously discussing that this unusual object could actually be a
 We’ve never seen anything like that in our solar system before. 

The dimensions of this thing are much larger than with ordinary asteroids, it is too long and carries no dust cloud with it.  There is no natural explanation for this.  This is definitely not a normal boulder in space.  Since we did not get much data, we will probably have to speculate about it for the rest of our professional career.  While we did not see any heat radiation, we might still be dealing with the dead shell of an ancient alien spaceship.  It could be millions of years old.  The
former crew could have gone into stasis during these long voyages, and
robots and computers had independently controlled the ship.
 To save energy, the ship would use suns as a slingshot. ”   The asteroid has since been given the name OUMUAMUA .

 There are still data from the Hubble and Spitzer telescopes that are being evaluated.  In a few months more results should be available.  The object had a speed of 94,790 km / h when it came from interstellar space.  Near the Sun, it accelerated to 315,753 km / h.  The length of the object is about 300m and miss about 60m in diameter.  The special thing about this object is that it comes from outside our solar system.  None of the estimated 750,000 known asteroids and comets come from outside.  UFO researchers have already sighted similar objects near the ISS space station.  These could also be cylindrical spaceships.  

NASA scientist Davide Farnocchia of the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) in California said the enigmatic object had the most extreme orbit ever seen.  It
was extremely fast and had such an acceleration that it is undoubtedly
on its way out of the solar system and will never come back again.
 The origin of the object remains puzzling for the scientists.  The trajectory of the object makes absolutely no sense and it certainly has no orbit around the sun.  The trajectory of the object seems to indicate that it originally came from the constellation Lyra .  It is also unknown how long it has been in space.  

Oumuamua” in Hawaiian means “the first messenger”.  The researchers are still not sure if it could have been a comet or an asteroid at all.  It did not emit any heat and did not have a cloud around it, as is usual with comets.  It was found that Oumuamua drew 10 million times less matter than normal comets.  If it has no orbit around the sun, the object must somehow have been driven to get here.  The scientists also can not answer why this strange angle has invaded the solar system .  The track would be ideal for a spaceship to use the sun as a catapult.  Due to the steep entry angle, there was no danger of collision with one of the planets.   What
is the probability that Oumuamua happened to be able to fly exactly in a
steep orbit around the sun when he apparently came aimlessly out of
interstellar space?  It was found out that the object has a dark red color.  This indicates a high concentration of metal that has been irradiated for millions of years by cosmic rays.  Could it really be an ancient spaceship?

world-famous author and scientist Arthur C. Clarke published already in
1973 his science fiction novel “Rendezvous with 31/439” and “ Rendezvous with Rama ”.
award-winning novel takes place in the year 2130. The novel also
infiltrates an unknown extraterrestrial spaceship into our solar system.  This ship has the shape of a cylinder and traverses the solar system.  When approaching the sun, it slows down and a spaceship of the earth is sent to investigate it.  Inside the hollow, cylindrical ship, there are strange buildings and various biomechanical life forms.  Human
explorers have little time for their exploration, because once the ship
approaches Mercury orbit, it begins to fully activate and accelerates
strongly with an unknown propulsion.  The
cylindrical research vessel uses our solar system only to get momentum
and then disappears again in the direction of the Magellanic cloud.  Arthur C. Clarke used to have very good connections with NASA and knew many secrets.  Maybe he tried to introduce her in novel form?  Also in the film “ Star Trek IV: Back to the Present ” penetrated a cylindrical spaceship in the solar system.  Are these objects actually mechanically controlled ships traveling the galaxy? 

„I was involved in the sabotage of Cern, a device that Monarch uses to open portals, a weapon that aids to keep our world in its current state of consciousness.

„Monarch is trying to keep this earth from ascending into the next dimension. They are playing around with time and forces they cannot fully control where they do not know what the outcome is going to be. They can be seen as the Empire from Star Wars, and Kruger can be seen as the Rebel Alliance. Monarch is tied in with aliens whose agenda is not in humanity’s benefit. Kruger, on the other hand, is tied into another agenda that is in support of humanity.“