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The clones at the Illuminati cloning centers h…

The clones at the Illuminati cloning centers have a microchip called Mindvoice (also known as Artificial Telepathy or MK Audio Effects) implanted in their head, so they can use MK Ultra (visual and audio effects) on you and to control you. With the use of this chip, they can make anyone see or hear anything. You can even feel and see yourself floating, flying, shooting fireballs, etc. but it’s just an illusion known as MK Ultra visualizations, that only you can see (the people in control know what you’re seeing though and other people that they’re using MK Ultra on, may be able to see as well). They put people in what’s called a MK Ultra scenario, which is basically a controlled experience (at the cloning centers) using MK Ultra (visual and audio effects) and drugs. The clones there have an internal drug dispenser (white plastic box) surgically implanted (around the appendix region) in them on remote control. At any time they desire, they can release drugs into the clone for whatever reason. One example of a MK Ultra scenario would be, someone flying around fighting monsters. They do this (MK Ultra scenarios) for entertainment (e.g. sit back and laugh at the person because they look-like an idiot running around doing whatever), to test them (i.e. to see what one does or how they react in certain situations) and to influence the person (real body) in real life (e.g. make them feel a certain way about someone or whatever, like increasing the likelihood of a girl wanting to go out with someone). Lets say that there’s this old man that wants to have sex with this pretty girl at the cloning centers. They can put a MK Ultra visual effect of some celebrity face (that she would most likely be attracted to) over this ugly old man’s face, so that she’d be willing to have sex with him. They use drugs in addition to MK Ultra to help with the manipulation. One may be pre-drugged prior to clone activation (transfer of one’s consciousness to a clone) and/or drugged during the experience.

One may even find themselves in the same area or room where their real body was sleeping or meditating at. This is not a dream or a lucid dream and you didn’t project (astral projection) or go out-of-body (OBE), you are simply seeing MK Ultra visuals (or illusions) at the cloning centers as a clone. You’re in a MK Ultra scenario. One can manifest anything that they desire as long as they focus, concentrate and believe that they can. However, it’s just MK Ultra visuals… it’s all an illusion.

The Illuminati are victimizing people all around the world at the cloning centers while they’re asleep. Some people don’t recall anything that takes place, while others do. Regardless of whether one remembers or not, it still affects their real body. There are different side-effects depending on what was done to their clone. They’re deceiving people by making them believe that their experience was: 1. A dream. 2. A nightmare. 3. A lucid dream. 4. A spiritual/metaphysical experience. (e.g. etheric projection, astral projection, an out-of-body-experience, etc.). They tell people different things (e.g. that they’re in the astral plane, 4th dimension, 5th dimension, etc.), it depends on the person and what they are more likely to believe. Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection (aka an out-of-body-experience) both take place at the cloning centers (in this dimension). They use clones, MK Ultra and drugs to manipulate and deceive you. You’re not having a lucid dream, you’re not in another dimension or in the astral plane “in” your astral body, etc. You’re a clone at the cloning centers in THIS dimension, most likely drugged in a MK Ultra scenario.

Facebook is trying to prevent me from spreadin…

Facebook is trying to prevent me from spreading the truth about the Illuminati. At first, I couldn’t post any text or pictures and now, I can’t even see my Facebook page. My Facebook page:





french musician, “in love with a ghost&r…

french musician, “in love with a ghost”. yes, this tweet is hinting about rem consciousness transfer and the cloning centers.

“everytime i go to sleep, i disappear into the void and a clone takes my place”



Singer/actress Ariana Grande posted some inter…

Singer/actress Ariana Grande posted some interesting tweets on Saturday, April 28, 2018. She talks about meeting some boy when she was asleep and then goes on to say how he’s such a “dream” to her. In one of the tweets, she simply says, “r.e.m.”. However, the word “R.E.M.” is backwards and upside-down. Regardless, she’s referencing REM Consciousness Transfer from her real body to a clone of herself at the Illuminati cloning centers.

When one is in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep, the Illuminati can transfer one’s consciousness to a clone (i.e. a Mark 2 REM-driven duplication clone) at the cloning centers. They not only do this to celebrities and politicians, they do this to “random” people world-wide. Illuminati members may be used for sex (they agree to this) or something like, victimizing others in a MK Ultra scenario. These so-called random people that have been cloned and had their consciousness transferred to a clone, may be used for sex (i.e. raped or manipulated into the act) as well. Furthermore, they may be tortured and/or killed for whatever reason (e.g. entertainment). Whatever is done to their clone, affects them in real life (i.e. their real body) too.

Credit: Muhammad Thamer (for the screenshot of the series of tweets from Ariana Grande and for some paraphrasing).