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What if you take a rodin coil put it under an orgonite, attach it to an iPhone and play 528 Hz healing tones or solfeggio mp3?

What‘s your oppionion on that?

The History of MAS – MAS PEMF Magnetic Field Frequency Therapy Systems:

Today, most electromagnetic field therapy utilizes technology based upon Helmholtz or Tesla coils – the later named after the world famous developer of alternating current (AC) sine wave electricity – Nikola Tesla, who was born in the Austrian Empire and schooled at the Austrian Polytechnic School in Gratz.

After immigrating to the USA to begin his work as an inventor, Tesla developed our 60 Hz power distribution system and found many uses for electricity in medicine. He incorporated the Tesla Electrotherapeutic Company in 1909’s to provide medical technology to electricians and doctors that wanted to use electricity to treat a wide variety of health conditions. It’s here that the first beginnings of MAS frequency therapy came to fruition.  Tesla also discovered ways to alter the powerline  60 Hz frequency to produce different health effects.

The coils Tesla used contained windings of copper, and when energized with alternating sine wave currents of electricity, they would produce an electromagnetic field. If you are near or inside this magnetic field, the electric portion of the field is absorbed into your body. An electric current is then induced into the cells of your body without the use of wires. In the picture below Tesla utilizes both induced fields in a direct series connection between himself and the patient.  The strength of the field could be regulated by moving the the secondary coil closer or further from the primary coil below. Tesla combined his personal bio magnetic field to influence the healing process.

Nicola Tesla holds patient’s hand to complete the electric circuit that was created by induction between two Tesla coils in resonance.

Tesla’s brand of magnetic field therapy became extremely popular to treat pain and soon commercial versions were produced and sold to the public. They utilized one 60Hz sine wave powerline frequency – the same frequency that was used to power North America. It was basically a coil of wire that was plugged into the wall.  The patient would just sit inside the coil of wire to receive the treatment.

Gaylord Wilshire’s IOWNACO Coil to treat pain

In North America, with the introduction of licensed medical universities, the American Medical Association and FDA was formed to regulate medicine. Since magnetic field therapy could not be patented and was becoming popular for use in the home, the practice of electrotheraputics was gradually omitted from medical school course curriculum and was eventually replaced with surgery and pharmacology. Doctors that used magnetic fields in their practice were considered to be “quacks.”

While the practice of professional electrotherapy fell out of favour in the western cultures, the socialist countries within the former Soviet Union continually improved upon the methods and whole hardly embraced it because of it’s low cost, few side effects and wide rage of uses.  Tesla had always remained a hero in Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia and their scientists and doctors altered the frequency of the sine waves to influence the various organs of the body. Tesla’s magnetic field therapy became standard use in all medical hospitals and studies on the entire populations of Eastern Europe proved that Tesla’s original sine wave magnetic field therapy was safe and effective…

Austria is world renown as the birthplace for classical music and a great body of research in the healing aspect of sound and music originates there. Born in Salzburg in 1756, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart showed prodigious ability from his earliest childhood and his music has been demonstrated to have a healing effect in scientific studies.  The city of Salzburg promotes fresh air, good health and classical music as a major tourist attraction and has the highest safety ratings for wireless technology in the world. There is not a lot of electro-smog in Salzburg compared to other cities in Europe.

Listening to music while wearing large headphones has a significant effect on your subconscious mind and has been found to help with Alzheimer disease. Both the sound waves and the electromagnetic fields that are produced by the speakers inside the headphones are converted into electrical vibrations within the ear and within the brain at the same time. Headphones are a form of magnetic field therapy that are used to improve the memory of patients suffering from dimentia. Researchers have also shown full body 40 Hz vibrations can improve the memory of Alzheimer patients.

MAS Modernization – The Mat and Pillow

The next incarnation of the MAS products eliminated the restrictive round Tesla coils that you sat inside of and replaced them with an extremely durable comfortable mattress pad that contained 17 flat copper electromagnetic Tesla coils of various dimensions. This key feature of MAS allows for the various magnetic fields to be evenly displaced throughout the mat so that it can deliver an even optimized electromagnetic field that is appropriate for the desired frequency and waveform shape.

In 2008,  MAS decided to modernize the design of their controller unit to allow for user friendly preset programs and incorporated the latest modulated waveforms that were realized by continued scientific research. It now incorporates the original intent of the first MAS frequency generator – to supply the true earth based 7.83 Schumann resonance and related harmonics, along with the spectrum of sound frequencies up to 9,999 Hz using a sine wave.  This includes of a wide variety of other popular wave form shapes including the NASA square wave and the low intensity sawtooth waves found in several popular home PEMF devices.

If you are looking for a device that is fully programable and contains all of the most popular frequencies and waveforms – MAS is the only device on the market that offers this versatility at an affordable cost.

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Healing Fields from Quartz Crystal – Tesla Electric City Festival:

“Tesla taught that the secrets lie in the “effects of a distinct nature due to electrical waves or oscillations, that is, impulses in which the electrical energy is alternately passing in more or less rapid succession through the static and dynamic forms.”Tesla was describing the use of oscillating alternating electromagnetic fields at various frequencies using a Tesla coil of wire. This bring to mind his often quoted statement – If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.It’s interesting to note that although Tesla was exposed to tremendous amounts of “electro smog” for his work, he lived to be 86, far longer than the average age of 65 during his death in 1943.  Tesla and many other doctors believed he had successfully found ways to neutralize disease, bacteria and the harmful EMF radiation using complimentary healing frequencies. Tesla’s ‘High Frequency Apparatus” would produce ozone in and on the body and he eventually started the Tesla Ozone Company to produce machines to use in hospitals. He ozonized olive oil and sold it to doctors to treat a wide variety of skin conditions….

Tesla Medicine survives in the Soviet UnionAfter Tesla’s death in 1943, his remaining research papers were sent to family members in Serbia and this was eventually confiscated by the Nazi’s briefly during the WWII. During the following years of the cold war with the West, the Soviet Union embraced Tesla’s methods of electromagnetic field therapy, preferring it to pharmaceuticals and surgery. A socialist government financed their free healthcare system; they were responsible for keeping the population healthy.Soviet scientists then refined Tesla’s medicine of frequencies, waveform shapes and methods of application to support their medical system. Electromagnetic fields were now “pulsed” making them much more effective. Tesla’s name became a unit of measurement for the strength of the applied electromagnetic field. Extensive human trials in electrotherapy were done on entire select populations within the Soviet Union. Most hospitals and clinics offered some form of Tesla’s electromagnetic field therapy because it worked so well with no side effects. 

The German speaking countries of Liechtenstein,  Switzerland, Austria and Germany reunite Tesla MedicineWhen the Berlin wall came down in 1990, the East Germans transferred Tesla’s advanced soviet frequency therapy technology to West Germany. Government and private enterprises quickly realized that commercial interests from the west would suppress the miracles of Tesla’s medicine. Neutral German-speaking countries such as Switzerland and Liechtenstein were chosen to provide production, distribution and corporate head offices. Brand new ultra modern commercial and “home” versions of the large Russian hospital machines were sold as “wellness” devices.These sleek healing machines contained flat Tesla coils to resemble the futuristic Bio-beds from Star Trek. 

The controller units were digital, touch screen, user friendly and affordable for the affluent German-speaking individual that wanted to take healthcare into their own hands. For the past 20 years, movie stars, wealthy North Americans and desperate knowledgeable individuals have made the trek to the expensive German, Austrian and Swiss private health clinics that featured this form of frequency therapy. With the formation of the European Union, and a proven tract record for efficacy and safety, these devices officially became registered as medical devices to be enjoyed by families all over Europe.

Tesla’s therapy returns to the USWith the invention of the Internet, the German-speaking companies then created websites in English to offer the sale of their devices directly to a worldwide public that had lost faith in their doctors and their prescribed pain medications that were no longer working.

In 2011, Dr. OZ, the popular television MD, discovered these Swiss made PEMF Bio-beds and he decided to go out on a limb and reintroduce Tesla’s (PEMF) Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy to his American TV audience. He stated in his opening remarks “I am more excited about this show than any other show I have done this season. Today, you are going to change the practice of medicine.” He then asked his audience to download a report from his website about magnetic field therapy and take it to their doctor! He said they were not being taught about it in medical schools and they should be.

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From Psyops to Neurowar: WhatAre the Dangers?

“Researchers  from  Arizona  State University  are  working  on  a  Transcranial  Pulsed  Ultrasound  device that  can  be  fitted  into  a helmet and that could be used for controlling the mental states of soldiers, boosting alertness, and relieving pain from injuries.”

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From Psyops to Neurowar: WhatAre the Dangers?

“Since the early 1980s psychiatrists have developed newer methods  for  the  electrical  stimulation  of  the  brain.  For  example, the  Transcranial  Magnetic Stimulation  (TMS)  method  that  applies  strong  electromagnetic  fieldsof  thousands  of  voltsthrough a helmet-like device above the brainto activate specific brain regions. TMS has shown promise in terms of treating depression and other mental disorders, but there are still concerns of the  safety  of  the  treatment.17“