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This man (Michael Roberson) is probably a para…

This man (Michael Roberson) is probably a parasited host of a Vril lizard (also known as a “Drone”). Aside from what he did, one of his eyes is bulging out (which is something that one may experience, after being “droned” by a Vril lizard). One is no longer human, after the droning process is complete. Drones are human on the outside and Vril (consciousness) on the “inside”. #KillVril

Man arrested for stabbing the mother of his child and gouging out both her eyes:

One experience at the Illuminati cloning cente…

One experience at the Illuminati cloning centers… As far as I remember, it was dark and there was this device with numbers on it. Some dude (I think I saw him but I’m not 100% sure) said something like, “there’s too many of them, we can’t kill them all”. He was referring to drones (parasited hosts of Vril lizards) and the number that was shown to me or that I saw, was over 120,000,000 (as far as I recall). It seems-like they have no intention on dealing with the drone/host problem that they (the Illuminati) have caused. #KillVril



Canadian hip-hop musician k-os’ (Kevin Brereto…

Canadian hip-hop musician k-os’ (Kevin Brereton) music video “Crabbuckit” is comparable to Roddy Piper’s “They Live”. In both, there are “special” sunglasses that are used to see whether or not one is a “drone” (a parasited host of a Vril lizard). Essentially, they both show how one can be around hosts/drones and not even know. However, the former is a little more revealing because the creature (“disguised” as a human) that is seen (with the use of the sunglasses) is a close representation (screenshot above) of what a real Vril type 1 lizard’s face looks-like.



I don’t know when but I just realized that Ale…

I don’t know when but I just realized that Alex Jones ‘liked’ my tweet that said, “#AlexJones hinting…V for #Vril as in #VrilLizards. #InfoWars”, which was attached to the image below. The image reads, “you are not alone. we are all in danger. together we must… be victorious.” and in the center, there’s a big red ‘V’ over Earth. This confirms that Alex Jones not only KNOWS what Vril lizards are and that he WAS indeed referring to Vril lizards but that he’s aware, that Vril lizards are a threat to humanity. #KillVril