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„The secret of freedom lies in educating peopl…

„The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.

Maximilien Robespierre

„The mystery is solved. No longer will we be able to walk around in ignorance of who and what we are. Isn’t time for the truth to be known? Isn’t it time to reclaim our divine inheritance? The purpose of life is to earn your soul through the hero’s journey and then become God. “

Anthony Kaminski. „Son of the Morning.“ iBooks.

„Why did the Illuminati choose the symbol of a…

“In basic terms, it simply means, “All paths lead to one God.” As the base of the pyramids is wider, it represents all the people, religion, belief system, and chaos, and as a human being moves toward enlightenment, the pyramids get narrower and narrower as more order is instilled as the religious and personal beliefs get smaller and smaller until it reaches a single point toward the great eye of illumination, or as they say, “the one true God.” This is the most important symbol and shape in the universe. This shape, known as a tetrahedral structure, is the answer to all that exists and why it does.“

Anthony Kaminski. „Son of the Morning.“ iBooks.

„the great secret of life is that of eternal r…

„The decisions we make in this life determine what we will do in the next one, and death is only just a doorway into the next life. This is the gospel of Illuminism.“

Anthony Kaminski. „Son of the Morning.“ iBooks.

The golden age

„The great cycle has been completed, and we are entering the golden age. It is the end of time as we know it. And we will be moving into another dimension. Many people are unaware of what is really going on here. Our earth has been dying. There is no doubt. Humanity, for the most part, are slaves on this planet, who are ruled by an elite few who have the technology and knowledge to keep humanity at the state of consciousness that it is currently manifesting. It’s not humanity that is killing our planet. It’s our consciousness. We have accepted an imposter into our ranks. That imposter has lied and cheated, stolen, and killed to keep you from knowing the truth that will be true always. That truth is that you are God and we create reality.“


Anthony Kaminski. „Son of the Morning.“ iBooks.

„The Illuminati still support meritocracy with…

„The Illuminati still support meritocracy with one crucial refinement. Greed corrupted the Freemasons. So greed in a meritocracy cannot exist. The Illuminati’s form of meritocracy is now committed to abolishing all forms of greed with a commitment to limit the rewards of the most successful. It is true that no one should be ashamed of earning higher reward for being talented and hardworking. They must not succumb to the greed of the Old World Order. Could anyone on earth complain if he or she were allowed to earn $1 million a year? Does anyone really need anymore than that? If the average American is making $50,000 a year, then a million should be more than enough. If you think you need anymore than that, then greed has possessed you.

If you want to support the Old World Order, …..

„..then watch TV shows that are garbage, worship your celebrities, go see the sporting gods, vote in the elections, drink yourself into oblivion, take drugs, purchase things you can’t afford, and spend your life repaying the debt. Hold down a soul-crushing job, say prayers to false gods, and worship dusty holy books written by old-bearded prophets way out of their time, go to fake churches, and shop ’til you drop on Black Fridays and Christmas.
It has been often claimed that various powerful secret societies are conspiring to create a New World Order, which for them is a one-world oppressive government that has complete control over the world. The New World Order that so many people fear is actually in fact the Old World Order. There is nothing new about it. Globalization has been their goal since its conception.“

Anthony Kaminski. „Son of the Morning.“ iBooks.

In recent years I distanced myself from the above bold marked activities, because they don’t make any sene to me!

What if the old world order hid itself behind the other movement the
New world order and tricked us into believing they were the bad guys?
Think of it and maybe let me know what you think about it.

„The Matrix clearly shows the workings of the …

„The Matrix clearly shows the workings of the Old World Order. The controllers of the matrix are the Old World Order. Most people who live in the matrix are absolutely oblivious to the truth, that they are slaves. Only a few care and can see through the illusion of the matrix. Mr. Smith and his agents are the Old World Order’s lethal enforcers who will deal with anyone that shows any signs of being divergent. But they don’t need to even intervene that often because everybody is under control and asleep. Even some who have tasted the truth decide that they would prefer to go back to the world of enslavement. When given the choice of the blue or red pill, they choose the blue pill instead of seeing how deep the rabbit hole goes.

New world order vs. old world order

„The Old World Order is a global network of dynastic families. Their mission is to maintain the power and wealth of their dynasties in perpetuity. Others are admitted into this charmed circle only if they can assist the interests of their endeavors. The Old World Order can sedate the people by use of the TV, Hollywood, computer games, porn, music, alcohol, recreational drugs, and sport. All of these diversions ensure the people will never rise up. The Old World Order do not care about the welfare of the ordinary citizens. Most people are very familiar with the dynasties of our world. They are associated with oil, banking, entertainment, media, military, the intelligence services, and politics. The Old World Order models themselves around the Roman Empire at the time of Augustus Caesar.
The elite has devised a caste system under which this world is controlled. The rich or the plutocrats run the nation. Their desire is to keep widening the gap between themselves and everyone else because they thereby massively enhance their power and influence. The plutocrats want to rule out the middle class.

They want to eventually make themselves into an old-style aristocracy, a permanent dynastic ruling elite incapable of being challenged by anyone. The plutocrats prefer to have just two classes below them, the working class and the underclass. The working class is designed to be full of people who have enormous credit card debts and mortgages to pay. These people live their life in anxiety. They are terrified of losing their jobs because then they won’t be able to make their payments. If they defy their masters, they will be fired and plunged into the underclass. The working class, unlike the plutocracy, are extremely heavily taxed, and most of their tax dollars go to various welfare benefits for the underclass so they don’t go to war with the state.“

Quote taken from Anthony Kaminski. „Son of the Morning.“ iBooks.“

„The Illuminati are Gnostics who oppose Satan,…

„The Illuminati are Gnostics who oppose Satan, or otherwise known as Rex Mundi, the king of the world. The Illuminati is an ancient secret society that seeks to bring about a New World Order based on the principle that everyone can become God. Their aim, as it has always been, is to overthrow the elite, dynastic families of wealth and privilege that are referred to as the Old World Order, those who have run the world since the dawn of civilization to their advantage and to the unfair detriment of the people.
The Illuminati are a radical and revolutionary organization that seeks men and women of the human race to ascend to the next stage of humanity’s evolution to join the society of the divine. It’s time to end the reign of false prophets. It’s time to put down the old, dusty holy books that are used for nothing but control.

„One of the greatest deceptions that this worl…

„One of the greatest deceptions that this world is enduring at this time is that the deity worshipped by billions of Christians, Muslims, and Jews is the true God. This deity is known as the God of Abraham and is the furthest you can get from the true God. In the story of Abraham, the defining moment of Abraham’s life is when he hears the voice of God commanding him to sacrifice his son. After hearing this order, Abraham willingly agrees to take his son’s life because God told him to do so. Abrahamists celebrate this event, and if you ask any of them, they will tell you that God was just testing Abraham. What kind of God would test someone like that? Who but the devil would order fathers to murder their own flesh and blood? To believe that God would ever command a father to kill his innocent son under any circumstances is sick and most definitely evil. So unfortunately it is safe to say that the world we live in is sick, corrupted, and evil.