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Project Camelot interviews Dr Pete Peterson

Project Camelot interviews Dr Pete Peterson:

QUOTE: It was easier to build a time machine (like the TARDIS in Dr Who) than building these flying saucers”.

Marvin Meyer – Introduction to the Gnostic Scr…

Marvin Meyer – Introduction to the Gnostic Scriptures:

“The role of the gnostic savior or revealer is to awaken people who are under the spell of the demiurge—not, as in the case of the Christ of the emerging orthodox church, to die for the salvation of people, to be a sacrifice for sins, or to rise from the dead on Easter. The gnostic revealer discloses knowledge that frees and awakens people, and that helps them recall who they are. When enlightened, gnostics can live a life appropriate for those who know themselves and god. They can return back to the beginning, when they were one with god. Such a life transcends what is mundane and mortal in this world and experiences the bliss of oneness with the divine.

As noted, the demiurge or creator of this world is commonly distinguished from the transcendent deity in gnostic texts. The demiurge is ignorant, tragic, megalomaniacal. In the Secret Book of John he is depicted as the ugly child of Sophia, snakelike in appearance, with the face of a lion and eyes flashing like bolts of lightning. He is named Yaldabaoth, Sakla, Samael, and he is the chief archon and an arrogant, jealous god. In the Gospel of Judas he is given another name, Nebro, said to mean “rebel.” 

In the Gospel of Truth error behaves like the demiurge, for it becomes strong and works in the world, but erroneously. Similar, too, are the actions of nature in the Paraphrase of Shem, Ptahil in Mandaean literature, the five evil archons in Manichaean literature, Azazi’il in the Mother of Books, and Lucifer or Satan among the Cathars.The gnostic revealer awakens people who are under the spell of the demiurge. Within a Jewish context the gnostic revealer is Seth, the child of Adam and Eve, or Derdekeas, probably Aramaic for “male child,” or the first thought or the afterthought or the wisdom of the divine. Within a Christian context the revealer is Jesus the anointed, within a Manichaean context Jesus of light, as well as others.”

“The gnosis sought by the authors of these texts is hardly ordinary knowledge. A text from the Nag Hammadi library, the Exegesis on the Soul (included in this volume), declares that the restoration of the soul to a state of wholeness “is not due to rote phrases or to professional skills or to book learning.” Indeed, mystics commonly have emphasized, in many books, that mystical knowledge cannot be attained simply by reading books. Other texts describe this sort of gnosis by listing questions that need to be addressed if one is to be enlightened by knowledge. In the Secret Book of John the savior or revealer announces that she or he will teach “what is, what was, and what is to come,” and in the Book of Thomas the revealer commands, “Examine yourself and understand who you are, how you exist, and how you will come to be.” 

To attain this knowledge—to become a gnostic—is to know oneself, god, and everything. Or, in the words of the maxim from the ancient oracular center dedicated to Apollo at Delphi, Greece, a maxim cited frequently in the texts in this volume: gnothi sauton, “know yourself.” According to many of these sacred texts, to know oneself truly is to attain this mystical knowledge, and to attain this mystical knowledge is to know oneself truly. Gnostic knowledge, then, relies on lived mystical experience, on knowledge of the whole timeline of the world, past, present, and future, and on knowledge of the self—where we have come from, who we are, where we are going—and of the soul’s journey.”

„When the Santa Maria, Nina, and Pinta embarke…

„When the Santa Maria, Nina, and Pinta embarked from Spain in 1492, they changed their sail as soon as they were out of sight and raised new sails with the red cross of the Knights Templar. The history of America is largely the account of persecuted religious minorities, and the very first were the Knight Templars. America is the country of the Knights Templar. It is a Gnostic country, and it is Freemasonic. It’s the new Atlantis, the cherished home of the Illuminati.

„The Templars had a fleet that sailed off in 1…

„The Templars had a fleet that sailed off in 1307 to escape the Catholic church’s persecution. They had no choice but to find a new land, beyond the reach of the papacy. Once they discovered America, they kept it a closely guarded secret. They made sure no word got back to Europe, knowing that, if anything leaked out, the pope would send an armada against them to conquer them and seize their new country.
It wasn’t until the end of the fifteenth century that they changed their strategy. They had lost many men in wars against the Native Americans, and the Knights Templar were unhappy about having to take squaws as wives. Their settlements were failing. They need an influx of Europeans to make America viable. The Knight Templar they chose for their most vital mission was one of the most famous men in history. His name was Christopher Columbus.

„And the swastika was an ancient symbol for re…

„And the swastika was an ancient symbol for reincarnation. The Gnostics called reincarnation as metempsychosis, the transmigration of souls. Any soul trapped in a human body that failed to achieve Gnosis was condemned to be reincarnated in a new body and live again in the material world. So the Nazis chose the swastika to show their Gnostic allegiance and their belief in reincarnation as the penalty for remaining wedded to this world. The swastika is just two square SS stuck together at right angles, another form of the mark of Cain.

„The Old Testament also says Cain was branded …

„The Old Testament also says Cain was branded by God. That too is false. Cain, like his true father, had a double serpent birthmark, the so-called mark of Cain. That’s why the SS adopted two sig runes for its insignia. The SS represented the two serpents. They also had the death’s head symbol, just like the Knights Templar.

ANCIENT BUILDER RACE „If there is a mother of …

„If there is a mother of our race, there’s got to be a father. And the nature of the father, the father’s sperm, must come from outside the system of body. So when the Nephilim were setting up their flasks and preparing for this new race to develop, another race of beings from a far-distant star from the third planet out from Sirius were coming to Earth. There were thirty-two members of this race, sixteen males and sixteen females. They were also giants like the Annunaki. Though the Annunaki were primarily third-dimensional beings, the Sirians were fourth-dimensional.
The Sirians came here and entered the Halls of Amenti, right into the pyramid and before the flame. These beings understood that all things were light. They understood the connection between thought and feeling. So they simply created thirty-two rose quartz slabs that were about thirty inches high, three or four feet wide, and roughly twenty feet long. They created them out of nothing and placed them around the flame. Then they laid down on these slabs, alternating male and female facing upward with their head toward the center around this flame. „Then they laid down on these slabs, alternating male and female facing upward with their head toward the center around this flame. The Sirians conceived or merged with the flame, or the ovum of the Annunaki.
On the third dimensional, the Neflim scientists placed the laboratory-created human eggs in the wombs of seven Annunaki women from which the first human being was eventually born. Conception in human terms happens in less than twenty-four hours. But conception on a planetary level is very different. According to Thoth, they stay there without moving for approximately two thousand years, conceiving with the Earth this new race. Finally after two thousand years, the first human beings were born.
Seven of us were birthed at once, not just one Adam and Eve, according to the original stories, and we were sterile. We could not produce. The Annunaki continued procreating little humans, making a legion of beings, and they put them on the island of Gondwanaland, which at the time was off the coast of Africa. So our race’s mother is Annunaki, and our father is Sirian. Seven of us were birthed at once, not just one Adam and Eve, like according to[…]“

Auszug aus: Anthony Kaminski. „Son of the Morning.“ iBooks.

Nearly 1000 scientists are signing a statement…

Nearly 1000 scientists are signing a statement that they reject the Darwinian theory of evolution as false!:

is an idea of ​​the nineteenth century, at that time modern science was
still in its infancy and baseless theories were simply accepted because
one could not explain the origin of the world and mankind differently.  The
Darwinian theory of evolution is, as the name implies, a theory that
has never been proven by decent scientific methods, for the biological
facts speak a very different language.  Natural selection has therefore never produced complex biological systems in nature.

are not mere claims, but many new scientific evidences from different
fields of research, such as cosmology, physics, or biology, have led
more and more researchers to question or reject Darwin’s theory of
“natural selection,” as they have evidence, who totally oppose it.  The
public should be led to believe that the theory of evolution can
explain everything completely, but the list of academic opponents of the
theory of evolution is constantly growing and brave well-known
researchers stand by their name that these theories are proven to be wrong.”


JASON MASON:”In my book “My Dad Was a MiB,”
whistleblowers are talking about human beings being a genetic creation
of various alien races doing a great experiment on Earth that involves
many different aspects.  To conceal this fact, false scientific theories have been invented to prevent this information from ever being known.  The
great powers of the world know that they are almost completely
powerless against the extraterrestrial observers and their superior
technology.  Positive,
spiritually advanced aliens seek to help humanity better understand our
role in the universe and free us from our spiritual imprisonment.  The
elites of the world are scared, claiming that announcing the fact that
humanity is from the stars could provoke a mass panic, but in truth they
are only afraid of a total loss of power and a reduction in their
profits from their destructive technologies that have almost destroyed
our planet by now.“

We humans share 98% of our DNA with shimpanses and although 76% with a banana! (Walter Veith)

Our real Evolution

“According to my research, the world as we know it today actually only a few thousand years ago. The
evolutionary history of mankind is divided into cycles and the Indians
speak of the fact that we are currently living in the “fourth world” and
now the transition to the “fifth world” will take place as announced or
announced by their gods at the beginning of this world was prophesied. The
previous worlds represented cycles of time in which there were lost
civilizations on Earth – I mean Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu and Hyperborea. The
gods, who came to the Earth’s people thousands of years ago, were
either survivors of Atlantis or humanoid extraterrestrials who had come
to this planet to colonize or minerals. It
even looks as if advanced alien civilizations are watching over the
development of humanity and have punished people several times by global
flood disasters because they have strayed from the divine path and no
longer obey the laws and laws of the gods. The
biblical Flood is said to have been the last of these catastrophic
events that had completely reshaped the surface of the earth and
eradicated the evil human giants.

of these extraterrestrial peoples who regularly return to Earth is the
so-called Anunnaki, gods who came down from heaven to earth. These
Anunnaki created modern humans on their model through genetic
manipulation and today there is already scientific evidence. That’s what I’m writing about in the book. In
any case, some people were saved from the punishment of the gods and
forewarned before the last flood disaster occurred – they built arks
where they and some of their livestock could survive. The most famous of these is of course the biblical Noah’s Ark! Today it is still looking for her, although it has been known for centuries where she is – on a mountain in Armenia! In
recent years, there have been some international expeditions that have
provided verifiable evidence for the existence of this ark – all of
which has been completely ignored and ignored by the mass media and
mainstream archeology! But why would you want to hide this sensational discovery? The
book even includes witnesses who have seen how British scientists have
deliberately tried to destroy Noah’s Ark because it does not fit into
their world view of evolutionary theory!

And here we are already at the next hot topic: the evolution of man. What new evidence can you provide that humanity did not evolve through evolution, and what does that mean for us?

I had to study the scientific writings of the 18th and 19th centuries to move forward. At
that time there was a fierce scientific dispute between the church and
the first scientific institutions, which had been founded mainly by
high-degree freemasons. Until
then, it was common knowledge that our modern world had emerged after
the Flood and there was another, very enigmatic, world that existed
before it. The gods warned us against keeping their commandments this time because otherwise it would come to a great destruction. The
already had knowledge about the ancient civilization of
Atlantis and wanted to create a new Atlantis through their own science,
that is, our modern technological world. For
that they had to get rid of the old ideas in the religious writings –
and that’s what happened to them through the newly created science and
the theory of evolution! This
worldview has been dogmatically propagated in all schools and
universities of the world for the last 150 years and can no longer be
questioned today, even though there is no single evidence of true
evolution! The pressure within the scientific world is just too big. How exactly was done here, I have described in detail in the book.

How is it all related to time travel and the Count of Saint Germain, about whom you also report? He
claimed to be immortal himself, and there were many prominent
eyewitnesses who reported that he did not seem to age outwardly?

to my findings, the Count of Saint Germain, the “Holy German”, belonged
to a group of immortal masters who determine the fate of the world and
its temporal processes, and whose headquarters are in the Far East and
the mythical realms Shambhala and Agartha communicates. The
first Western explorers as well as the German Ahnenerbe wanted to
discover the secrets of these Far Eastern masters, because at that time
one was convinced that the origin of the white Europeans in Central Asia
is to be found – and new archaeological proofs confirm this today! In
the remote monasteries of India and Tibet, the millennia-old knowledge
of humanity has been preserved, which dates back to the distant past,
that is, from the time of the ancient high civilizations. A
group of immortals guard this ancient knowledge, and even possess
secret deposits filled with the still-working machines of the ancients! One
probably plans to give humanity back access to this knowledge at the
right time, namely at the beginning of the coming new age. Among
these enigmatic machines are technologies that can be seen through
time, and therefore these occult Brotherhoods knew well in advance of
future developments in the world and prepared everything for the end
time now approaching us, that is, the end of the current time cycle! Nostradamus himself possessed a simple form of such a device and used it to look to the future. It even looks like the phenomenon of time is artificially created on our planet!

This confirms not only my own research, but also the statements of the whistleblower from your first book. Time travel and time machines are really real! In
your first book you have almost exclusively reported on time travelers
who were in the future, but with these machines you can also look into
the distant past. What had happened then?

So basically, the earth was inhabited by a highly developed humanity that lived on today’s continents sunken in the sea. These spiritually advanced beings knew that there are sacred laws in the cosmos that all life aligns to. They
knew that the material universe is only a world of illusion and set
themselves the goal of developing beyond the material plane – this is
called “ascension.” At the end of each 26,000-year cycle, our solar system moves into an area of ​​the galaxy where there is an energetic increase. This
marks the change of the ages and allows many people to complete their
development on this planet and move on to other areas. Periodically, at the end of each great cycle, a global cataclysm ensued, destroying most of that ancient knowledge each time. Previously, there was a civilization of white civilizations all over the world whose descendants we are today. There
were efforts in the Third Reich to restore the grandeur of this ancient
civilization and reverse the apostasy, for expeditions had made much of
the secret ancient knowledge accessible again. In this will describe that the origin of white Europeans can be traced back to Hyperborea! This
knowledge was threatening to the new scientific world order of
Freemasonry and therefore had to be combated by all means, because the
negative elitist circles are not interested in that people want to
increase spiritually, and therefore they want to get rid of white
mankind to their own realize your own goals. All this was foreseen long ago, and now it is to come soon to the last confrontation between the forces of good and evil!

Apart from the fact that I. G. Farben supporte…

Apart from the fact that I. G. Farben supported Hitler, their cartel partner “Standard Oil” (Rockefeller) fanned the flames against the Nazis. The “Ford Motor Company” for instance helped to build up the American army while at the same time producing in Germany military vehicles for the Nazis. Ford and Opel (subsidiary of General Motors that is controlled by J. P. Morgan) were the two largest producers of tanks in Hitler’s Germany.

Whatever the outcome of the war, these multinational companies had already made their cuts. Many enterprises followed this principle during the Second World War.

Why is there nothing about all this in schoolbooks or encyclopaedias? Especially in Germany where the freedom of the press is apparently honoured and the truth is taught?

One of the reasons is that the Rockefeller Foundation spent US $139,000 in 1946 to present an official history of the Second World War which covered up the whole story of the U.S. bankers building up the Nazi regime as well as the occult and mystical background of the Nazis. One of the main sponsors was Rockefeller’s own “Standard Oil Corp.”