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Ratfish Oil – decalcify your body  by Dr. Pete…

Ratfish Oil – decalcify your body  by Dr. Pete Peterson – June 2009:

Ratfish Oil – Dr. Pete Peterson – June 2009

Ratfish liver oil is obtained from the liver of the fish shown in the picture on the right. The Latin name is Chimaera monstrosa Linnaeus, an extraordinary fish found in all the world’s oceans, close to the bottom, at great depths, with a reported maximum depth of 1,663 meters. The ratfish is therefore a bottom-feeder. There is very limited fishing for this species of fish, which are not a popular food source. The liver of the ratfish is very large, constituting approximately 60% of its total body weight, and contains an exceedingly high proportion of oil. The oil content is around 60%, but can in some instances be as high as 80% of the wet liver weight.

Ratfish liver oil is one of the finest antioxidant lubricants, having been used for guns and fine delicate instruments. The old time Scandinavian fishermen would use ratfish liver oil as a lubricant and rust preventer. It has the advantage of being very stable compared to most fish oils and fish liver oils, and has characteristics in common with Sperm whale oil, which was used as a lubricant for the finest pocket watches. NASA even considered ratfish liver oil as a good substitute for Sperm whale oil, which was used as a lubricant in their space programme.

According to Dr Pete Peterson in an interview with Project Camelot of June 29


2009 – Part 3 – this oil has specific properties:

  • A drop of Ratfish oil on a sandwich daily is sufficient to prevent tooth decay.
  • It prevents hardening of arteries.
  • It removes the detrimental effects of chlorine, fluorine and bromine in the body.
  • It decalcifies. (Pineal gland is particularly mentioned along with the arteries).
  • His research indicates it to be the ultimate antioxidant source known to man, and that it contains a lot of Activator X.
  • Does not turn rancid in hundreds of years due to the large antioxidant content.

Well-known properties of ratfish liver oil from some of the fishing communities in Norway up to the 1970s:

  • Does not turn rancid (tested under the sun in the heat for a long time).
  • Odorless.
  • Great lubricating properties (used as a lubricant).
  • Skin treatment. (used as a lubricant for dry and sore skin).
  • Antiseptic. (applied to the wound management).
  • Superior compared to cod liver oil.

Transcript – excerpts from the interview: Project Camelot and David Wilcock’s intervju with Dr. Pete Peterson June 29


2009 – part 3 (Retrieved from about 43 minutes and 20 seconds into the video)

Source: Project Camelot

DW: David Wilcock

PP: Dr. Pete Peterson

KC: Kerry Cassidy

BR: Billy Ryan

DW: Wait a minute – is there any other tissue in the body, besides the heart, that acts like neurological tissue?

PP: Oh, absolutely. Now, if you want, you can call the pineal part of the brain. Even though it doesn’t do brain function, it’s part of the brain. The pineal and pituitary are mostly a substance called melanin. A type of melanin makes the skin pigment, but they’re a slightly different kind of melanin.

I, in my research, have found that the melanin in the pineal – which, in Eastern medicine is the third eye, the seat of the third eye – is very, very, very good at picking up informational signals and adding a time content to them, thus subtracting a non-time content, so it’s always been attributed to clairvoyance, clairaudience and so forth. Those are signals that are taken out of a signal that appears to be everywhere, every-when. It coheres that for the person and they have certain abilities that they wouldn’t have.

The Tibetans drill a hole in the front of the forehead with a little rock drill, and then they poke a bamboo skewer in and manipulate the pineal to “open” the third eye. What it does is it gives it a hole through the Faraday Cage, speaking in science terms, and it makes a sensitivity by making a piece of scar tissue that opens up, or opens the third eye, or opens clairvoyance or clairaudience, or remote viewing, or remote influencing, or a number of different things.

KC: Isn’t it true that fluoride deadens or hardens the pineal gland?

PP: Absolutely, but what it mostly hardens…

KC: And since we have fluoride in our water, basically you could look at that as an Illuminati plot to deaden the intelligence and the psychic ability of the population.

PP: What I try to do, as a scientist, is stay to scientific things. I don’t presume about what the Illuminati want to do.

KC: Okay.

PP: But, I can tell you that the main thing that halides – which are chlorine, fluorine, bromine – mainly what they do in the body is congeal cholesterol into arterial plaque. I mean, that’s well known.

KC: So, it slows down the blood flow in the arteries.

PP: Yeah, it closes down the arteries. So there are many ways to sterilize water other than chlorine and fluorine. There are many ways, for example, they say: Well, we use fluorine for tooth decay.

You have a whole fleet of boats up and down the West Coast of the United States and the East Coast of the United States that can’t fish anymore, because we’ve killed all the fish, except there are bottom-feeders called… I won’t tell you the name of the fish, but they’re bottom feeders. That’s a fish that consists of… 60% of the weight of the fish is liver, and about 60% of the liver is that particular fish liver oil, which contains a compound called “Activator X” by Price of the Price-Pottenger Foundationof years-ago fame.

He found out right after World War II that one drop of that… Well, you can take that fish oil, which is highly-fishy-tasting. Get it cold; the waxes and false isomers will solidify. You can filter those out and the oil left over has very little or no taste to it. That oil, you can put in the sunlight and it won’t turn rancid for hundreds of years. It should have been used in place of sperm whale oil for lubricating watches, but they didn’t use it for that.

KC: Is this cod liver oil?

PP: No, it’s not cod liver oil. It’s a different oil, but those boats could go out and bring back boatloads of this fish. It grows from Antarctica to [the] Arctic and everywhere in between.

KC: What does that have to do with fluoride in the water?

PP: What it has to do with is that that oil, one drop put in a slice of bread – eaten daily – and you [will] have no caries whatsoever; there’s no tooth decay. It eliminates tooth decay. And they did this on thousands and hundreds of thousands of children in Europe after World War Two.

KC: And likewise you can guard against hardening of the arteries.

PP: Well, then you don’t get the hardening of the arteries from the fluoride or the chloride. Now, what happened was… and I’ll take the hit for this, let’s put it that way. It’s my conjecture that the only reason we use chloride in the water was because the politicians have already spent all of the Social Security money, so you’ve got to have something there so that people die at retirement age.

KC: [laughs]

PP: Then because of health care getting better, we had to have something else that made it happen even faster, so we put fluoride in the water.

KC: Wow. That’s something.

PP: They could have gotten rid of tooth decay with an absolutely benign substance that we had a whole industry here that could go out and bring us back all we could ever use for the whole world, very inexpensively and totally non-negatively in the body. But we didn’t do that.

Now, the reason that that fish oil doesn’t turn rancid is, obviously, because it’s an antioxidant. It’s the best antioxidant known to man as far as I know. Price called it Activator X. It has a definite chemical formula. It could definitely be put out there. But it’d eliminate most of heart surgery; it would eliminate tooth decay, so it’s not put out there because that isn’t efficient in our capitalistic system.

KC: Well, you’re talking worldwide though, as well, right?

PP: Yeah, it would be worldwide. Like I say, we did it in Europe after World War II, for years, but we took that Activator X… By the way, there’s a small amount of it in wheat germ oil, so that was taken from wheat germ oil. Now we found – I found – the ratfish had this stuff in, you know, massive amounts.

BR: When you said Price, did you mean Dr. Weston Price?

PP: Weston Price, yeah. So it’s my conjecture they’re only… I mean the only reason I could see that we would be using that is to kill people off. Why else would you do that?

DW: You’re saying, about the pineal gland. Because I have a whole long section in my video that everybody’s seen, most of this audience has seen it, all about the pineal gland. So, you’re saying that this oil, if taken, would help to decalcify the pineal gland, or somehow increase its sensitivity?

PP: If the pineal gland is calcified by halides, yes it would.

DW: Okay.

KC: But you’re not naming the fish.

PP: I wasn’t really naming the fish.

KC: Other than the ratfish that you just talked about?

PP: No. And that’s not the…

KC: …not the main source.

PP: No, that’s what it’s called in certain areas of the world.

Dr Pete Peterson on the pineal gland and melan…

Dr Pete Peterson on the pineal gland and melanin and Fluoride, ratfish oil:

Melanin in the pineal gland is very good in picking up in information signals and is attributed to clairvoyance, remote viewing and so forth.

Fluorides from tooth pastes calcifies the pineal gland. 1 drop of a special fish oil (ratfish oil) taken on a daily basis eliminates tooth decay! Water containing chlorides has the same effect like fluorides. 

Magical Child (Plume): Joseph Chilton Pearce: …

Magical Child (Plume): Joseph Chilton Pearce: suggested by Dr. Pete Peterson for all parents on earth:

Listen to Dr. Pete Peterson at Project camelot

F.e. During the first 16 days the child is exposed to an electro magnet filed from the mothers heart beating and that field is modulated from what is in the brain cells …which are the emotions that are transferred to the child. 

F.e. when you give birth under water (that is a fluid ) your child will develop faster in the next 6 months. The Russians researched this techniques a lot. 

Read a rating from amazon:”If you’ve noticed how everthing in the current “civilized/ modern life” seems upside down to common sense (not to mention compared to other non-conventional approaches dieing out) then this book truely opens your eyes on many delicate issues impacting generations past and future. I read it after giving birth , and although i knew and applied alot of what is written , there were many explanations that helped me understand the importance of certain choises (eg late clamping of the ombilical cord) as well as information i wish i knew. I have already borrowed it to like minded people and will def recomend because i feel it is a great duty to mankind and earth to help turn around things to a better direction.”

Dr. Pete Petersons Energy Devices That Can Dia…

Dr. Pete Petersons Energy Devices That Can Diagnose and Treat Your Illnesses:

“Pete comes from a long line of inventors, including his grandfather who was Tesla’s right-hand engineer at the Colorado laboratory.  From a young age, he was trained in the secrets of Tesla technology.  This gave him access to knowledge that was far more advanced than anything he could have been taught in the standard education system.He was an avid and enthusiastic young inventor with numerous interests.  When he was only in 8th grade, he built an antenna that performed so well, it far exceeded anything that the U.S. government was normally using for military applications.  This caught their attention and they recruited him to work for them so as young teenager, while most of the other kids his age were concerned with sports games and fashion, Pete was already building powerful antennas for the government.He was then trained by all the best scientists available within the classified world, earning multiple PhDs’ worth of information in a variety of technical fields.  He became one of the top scientists and technology problem solvers within the classified world, and was widely considered their single most valuable and prolific inventor.  Ronald Reagan gave him the nickname “Mr. Do” as a result.  Sadly, almost all his world-changing inventions remain classified this day. (source)Pete worked directly with top neocons like Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfield and ended up having a change of heart that led to his coming forward.  He felt he had “mud on the wheel of his karma.”   (source)”

Dr. Pete Peterson’s medical electric acupuncture device

Today I found the possible device Dr. Pete Peterson was talking about in the Camelot interview. ( part 2 starting around 6 minutes into it)

It’s a so called “Computerized ElectroDermal Screening” device or Dermatron.”

 It has to do with the acupuncture points.

 In order to see how acupuncture points work Dr. Peterson injection radio active potassium into each acupuncture point while the person was under a high speed scan machine. They found out that the radioactive substance move very fast to the organ that was connected to the acupuncture point!

F. e. below the first joint on the thumb you can get infos on the body lymphatic system.


Possibile Sources for the device: 1

The History of MAS – MAS PEMF Magnetic Field F…

The History of MAS – MAS PEMF Magnetic Field Frequency Therapy Systems:

Today, most electromagnetic field therapy utilizes technology based upon Helmholtz or Tesla coils – the later named after the world famous developer of alternating current (AC) sine wave electricity – Nikola Tesla, who was born in the Austrian Empire and schooled at the Austrian Polytechnic School in Gratz.

After immigrating to the USA to begin his work as an inventor, Tesla developed our 60 Hz power distribution system and found many uses for electricity in medicine. He incorporated the Tesla Electrotherapeutic Company in 1909’s to provide medical technology to electricians and doctors that wanted to use electricity to treat a wide variety of health conditions. It’s here that the first beginnings of MAS frequency therapy came to fruition.  Tesla also discovered ways to alter the powerline  60 Hz frequency to produce different health effects.

The coils Tesla used contained windings of copper, and when energized with alternating sine wave currents of electricity, they would produce an electromagnetic field. If you are near or inside this magnetic field, the electric portion of the field is absorbed into your body. An electric current is then induced into the cells of your body without the use of wires. In the picture below Tesla utilizes both induced fields in a direct series connection between himself and the patient.  The strength of the field could be regulated by moving the the secondary coil closer or further from the primary coil below. Tesla combined his personal bio magnetic field to influence the healing process.

Nicola Tesla holds patient’s hand to complete the electric circuit that was created by induction between two Tesla coils in resonance.

Tesla’s brand of magnetic field therapy became extremely popular to treat pain and soon commercial versions were produced and sold to the public. They utilized one 60Hz sine wave powerline frequency – the same frequency that was used to power North America. It was basically a coil of wire that was plugged into the wall.  The patient would just sit inside the coil of wire to receive the treatment.

Gaylord Wilshire’s IOWNACO Coil to treat pain

In North America, with the introduction of licensed medical universities, the American Medical Association and FDA was formed to regulate medicine. Since magnetic field therapy could not be patented and was becoming popular for use in the home, the practice of electrotheraputics was gradually omitted from medical school course curriculum and was eventually replaced with surgery and pharmacology. Doctors that used magnetic fields in their practice were considered to be “quacks.”

While the practice of professional electrotherapy fell out of favour in the western cultures, the socialist countries within the former Soviet Union continually improved upon the methods and whole hardly embraced it because of it’s low cost, few side effects and wide rage of uses.  Tesla had always remained a hero in Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia and their scientists and doctors altered the frequency of the sine waves to influence the various organs of the body. Tesla’s magnetic field therapy became standard use in all medical hospitals and studies on the entire populations of Eastern Europe proved that Tesla’s original sine wave magnetic field therapy was safe and effective…

Austria is world renown as the birthplace for classical music and a great body of research in the healing aspect of sound and music originates there. Born in Salzburg in 1756, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart showed prodigious ability from his earliest childhood and his music has been demonstrated to have a healing effect in scientific studies.  The city of Salzburg promotes fresh air, good health and classical music as a major tourist attraction and has the highest safety ratings for wireless technology in the world. There is not a lot of electro-smog in Salzburg compared to other cities in Europe.

Listening to music while wearing large headphones has a significant effect on your subconscious mind and has been found to help with Alzheimer disease. Both the sound waves and the electromagnetic fields that are produced by the speakers inside the headphones are converted into electrical vibrations within the ear and within the brain at the same time. Headphones are a form of magnetic field therapy that are used to improve the memory of patients suffering from dimentia. Researchers have also shown full body 40 Hz vibrations can improve the memory of Alzheimer patients.

MAS Modernization – The Mat and Pillow

The next incarnation of the MAS products eliminated the restrictive round Tesla coils that you sat inside of and replaced them with an extremely durable comfortable mattress pad that contained 17 flat copper electromagnetic Tesla coils of various dimensions. This key feature of MAS allows for the various magnetic fields to be evenly displaced throughout the mat so that it can deliver an even optimized electromagnetic field that is appropriate for the desired frequency and waveform shape.

In 2008,  MAS decided to modernize the design of their controller unit to allow for user friendly preset programs and incorporated the latest modulated waveforms that were realized by continued scientific research. It now incorporates the original intent of the first MAS frequency generator – to supply the true earth based 7.83 Schumann resonance and related harmonics, along with the spectrum of sound frequencies up to 9,999 Hz using a sine wave.  This includes of a wide variety of other popular wave form shapes including the NASA square wave and the low intensity sawtooth waves found in several popular home PEMF devices.

If you are looking for a device that is fully programable and contains all of the most popular frequencies and waveforms – MAS is the only device on the market that offers this versatility at an affordable cost.

5G Space Appeal

5G Space Appeal: undefined



Psychotronic millimeter wave weapons are now entering the streets near you, with the potential to trigger large-scale disease. Welcome to the new fifth generation of Wi-Fi called the 5G, which has a speed 10 times faster to send high-resolution full-length movies to your iPad.

The Subconscious has the ability to identify a…

The Subconscious has the ability to identify any physical problem it detects within the body to a QHHT® Practitioner and explain the causes for its presence, be it from the current life or a past life. The Subconscious is then asked if it is suitable for healing to occur, which, if it is, is done instantaneously with no medication, surgery or pain involved. Very often, simply understanding why a disease is present or why a particular emotion is being experienced is sufficient for it to be relieved and removed by the Subconscious.




Researcher Jailed After Uncovering Deadly Viru…

Researcher Jailed After Uncovering Deadly Virus Delivered Through Human Vaccines:

“Dr. Mikovits’ paper, in and of itself, did not immediately bring the wrath of the powerful pharmaceutical industry. However, when a paper published 2 years later made the connection between this new virus and vaccines, then Mikovits’ research findings became too dangerous for the Deep State.” 

“Ironically, the FDA has now approved a testing protocol to detect retroviruses in the U.S. blood supply which is worth millions of dollars, and based in large part on Dr. Mikovits’ research, but it is being managed by Big Pharma. So while this distinguished scientist is now bankrupt and without employment, others are allegedly capitalizing on her research to earn millions of dollars to clean up the U.S. blood supply.“