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No, thank you… “New startup aims …

No, thank you… “New startup aims to transfer people’s consciousness into artificial bodies so they can live forever” “We want to bring you back to life after you die”

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Singer/actress Ariana Grande posted some inter…

Singer/actress Ariana Grande posted some interesting tweets on Saturday, April 28, 2018. She talks about meeting some boy when she was asleep and then goes on to say how he’s such a “dream” to her. In one of the tweets, she simply says, “r.e.m.”. However, the word “R.E.M.” is backwards and upside-down. Regardless, she’s referencing REM Consciousness Transfer from her real body to a clone of herself at the Illuminati cloning centers.

When one is in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep, the Illuminati can transfer one’s consciousness to a clone (i.e. a Mark 2 REM-driven duplication clone) at the cloning centers. They not only do this to celebrities and politicians, they do this to “random” people world-wide. Illuminati members may be used for sex (they agree to this) or something like, victimizing others in a MK Ultra scenario. These so-called random people that have been cloned and had their consciousness transferred to a clone, may be used for sex (i.e. raped or manipulated into the act) as well. Furthermore, they may be tortured and/or killed for whatever reason (e.g. entertainment). Whatever is done to their clone, affects them in real life (i.e. their real body) too.

Credit: Muhammad Thamer (for the screenshot of the series of tweets from Ariana Grande and for some paraphrasing).

Celebrity Drones (Hosts Of Vril) & Chipheads L…

Celebrity Drones (Hosts Of Vril) & Chipheads List:

*UPDATED* Celebrity Drones (Hosts Of Vril) & Chipheads List



Targeted Individual Lino Martinez: “Astral Pro…

Targeted Individual Lino Martinez: “Astral Projection” (Consciousness Transfer), MK Ultra & V2K:

Targeted individual Lino Martinez talks about consciousness transfer to the cloning centers but he thinks it’s astral projection. In addition, he describes his experiences with MK Ultra visuals (e.g. “shooting fireballs”), being in MK Ultra scenarios (e.g. the Illuminati messing with him at his “home”) and V2K (voice to skull).