Healing Fields from Quartz Crystal – Tesla Ele…

Healing Fields from Quartz Crystal – Tesla Electric City Festival:

“Tesla taught that the secrets lie in the “effects of a distinct nature due to electrical waves or oscillations, that is, impulses in which the electrical energy is alternately passing in more or less rapid succession through the static and dynamic forms.”Tesla was describing the use of oscillating alternating electromagnetic fields at various frequencies using a Tesla coil of wire. This bring to mind his often quoted statement – If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.It’s interesting to note that although Tesla was exposed to tremendous amounts of “electro smog” for his work, he lived to be 86, far longer than the average age of 65 during his death in 1943.  Tesla and many other doctors believed he had successfully found ways to neutralize disease, bacteria and the harmful EMF radiation using complimentary healing frequencies. Tesla’s ‘High Frequency Apparatus” would produce ozone in and on the body and he eventually started the Tesla Ozone Company to produce machines to use in hospitals. He ozonized olive oil and sold it to doctors to treat a wide variety of skin conditions….

Tesla Medicine survives in the Soviet UnionAfter Tesla’s death in 1943, his remaining research papers were sent to family members in Serbia and this was eventually confiscated by the Nazi’s briefly during the WWII. During the following years of the cold war with the West, the Soviet Union embraced Tesla’s methods of electromagnetic field therapy, preferring it to pharmaceuticals and surgery. A socialist government financed their free healthcare system; they were responsible for keeping the population healthy.Soviet scientists then refined Tesla’s medicine of frequencies, waveform shapes and methods of application to support their medical system. Electromagnetic fields were now “pulsed” making them much more effective. Tesla’s name became a unit of measurement for the strength of the applied electromagnetic field. Extensive human trials in electrotherapy were done on entire select populations within the Soviet Union. Most hospitals and clinics offered some form of Tesla’s electromagnetic field therapy because it worked so well with no side effects. 

The German speaking countries of Liechtenstein,  Switzerland, Austria and Germany reunite Tesla MedicineWhen the Berlin wall came down in 1990, the East Germans transferred Tesla’s advanced soviet frequency therapy technology to West Germany. Government and private enterprises quickly realized that commercial interests from the west would suppress the miracles of Tesla’s medicine. Neutral German-speaking countries such as Switzerland and Liechtenstein were chosen to provide production, distribution and corporate head offices. Brand new ultra modern commercial and “home” versions of the large Russian hospital machines were sold as “wellness” devices.These sleek healing machines contained flat Tesla coils to resemble the futuristic Bio-beds from Star Trek. 

The controller units were digital, touch screen, user friendly and affordable for the affluent German-speaking individual that wanted to take healthcare into their own hands. For the past 20 years, movie stars, wealthy North Americans and desperate knowledgeable individuals have made the trek to the expensive German, Austrian and Swiss private health clinics that featured this form of frequency therapy. With the formation of the European Union, and a proven tract record for efficacy and safety, these devices officially became registered as medical devices to be enjoyed by families all over Europe.

Tesla’s therapy returns to the USWith the invention of the Internet, the German-speaking companies then created websites in English to offer the sale of their devices directly to a worldwide public that had lost faith in their doctors and their prescribed pain medications that were no longer working.

In 2011, Dr. OZ, the popular television MD, discovered these Swiss made PEMF Bio-beds and he decided to go out on a limb and reintroduce Tesla’s (PEMF) Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy to his American TV audience. He stated in his opening remarks “I am more excited about this show than any other show I have done this season. Today, you are going to change the practice of medicine.” He then asked his audience to download a report from his website about magnetic field therapy and take it to their doctor! He said they were not being taught about it in medical schools and they should be.