The 33. freemason degree

„„The true Mason is not creed-bound. He realizes with the divine illumination of his lodge that, as a Mason, his religion must be universal. Either Christ, Buddha, or Mohammed, the name means little for he recognizes only the light and not the bearer. He worships at every shrine and bows before every altar, whether in temple, mosque, or cathedral, realizing with his truer understanding the oneness of all spiritual truth.“

The sons of darkness are those brethren who dedicate their live to pursuing materiality in the forms of selfish desires regardless of their God-given abilities. To be a true member of the sons of darkness is to be an ignorant, immortal soul that was on the course of evolution, but who has made a sacrificial pledge to serve thyself in order to make your own world better rather than serve others. It is a life of taking rather than giving.
To be a member of the sons of darkness is to be a nonspiritual being by living your life as a material-seeking human who uses this world to obtain whatever it is he selfishly desires in his dark, cold hearts. They may claim their motives are in the right place, but what they do and do not do speaks for itself.“

Unfortunately most of the visible Masons would mainly consist of the darkness who normally join the fraternity under the auspices of material gain and selfish pursuits of their own secret goals. These sons of Masonic darkness fill up most of the ranks from the first degree, all the way up to the thirty-second degree.“

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