If you want to support the Old World Order, …..

„..then watch TV shows that are garbage, worship your celebrities, go see the sporting gods, vote in the elections, drink yourself into oblivion, take drugs, purchase things you can’t afford, and spend your life repaying the debt. Hold down a soul-crushing job, say prayers to false gods, and worship dusty holy books written by old-bearded prophets way out of their time, go to fake churches, and shop ’til you drop on Black Fridays and Christmas.
It has been often claimed that various powerful secret societies are conspiring to create a New World Order, which for them is a one-world oppressive government that has complete control over the world. The New World Order that so many people fear is actually in fact the Old World Order. There is nothing new about it. Globalization has been their goal since its conception.“

Anthony Kaminski. „Son of the Morning.“ iBooks. https://itunes.apple.com/de/book/son-of-the-morning/id1273692509?mt=11

In recent years I distanced myself from the above bold marked activities, because they don’t make any sene to me!

What if the old world order hid itself behind the other movement the
New world order and tricked us into believing they were the bad guys?
Think of it and maybe let me know what you think about it.