Thule Gesellschaft and the Vril Society

Thule Gesellschaft and the Vril Society:

“In 1939, Captain Alfred Ritscher of Nazi Germany found the Antarctica entrance into the Inner Earth. He also found the “ILAT-LITUM” plates in a sarcophagus on the coast of Neuschwabenland. In the sarcophagus were still a number of technical devices and instructions that now became available to the Vril Society. The “ILAT-LITUM” was divided into several engraved metal plates or tablets, brought to Berlin and decoded into German by some experts from the Orient. When the plates were found, no one could read them, because they were in Sumerian/Akkadian.

This is what the Thule member told me when I asked what ILAT-LITUM is (this email excerpt is translated from German):

This book was written for those who were left behind on the planet KI, which we now call Earth. It shows us the history of the gods since their arrival, the war with the Reptoids, the emergence of new types and species, the advancement of the DNA and more…

The book was also mentioning the signs that will show for the return of the Gods. It is the story of ourselves and all our deeds. The book was not completely handed over to a human. Only with “Vril-Odin’s” departure a full translation was given.

Vril-Odin is used to navigate in a timeless space (hyper-space), as well as to assess the upcoming events. Therefore, it would be very dangerous if it gets into the wrong hands… Only when we all understand that we are children of the gods, there will be peace and the divine plan is closed for another eon.

ILAT-LITUM contains accurate information on the landing of the Anunnaki Gods on Earth and the fight with the Reptoids. Inside the sarcophagus were also instructions how to build the “Vril-Odin” space craft. The “Vril-Odin” was built per the instructions and was up and flying in the fall of 1944. ….”