FINANCIAL TYRANNY–>The Wealth of Nati…

FINANCIAL TYRANNY–>The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith’s 786-page “manifesto,” was published in 1776 — the same year as the founding of the Illuminati.

It was presented to world leaders as “proof” that the gold standard had to be eliminated in order for there to be world peace.

Nearly a century later, Guiseppe Mazzini, the head of European Masonry, and Albert Pike, the head of American Masonry, created a plan for three world wars that were intended to seize total control of the planet.

Their plan was all written down and finalized as of 1871 — and publicly displayed at the British Museum Library for many years.

When we add this to the overall weight of information — some of which we haven’t explored in detail just yet — it leaves little doubt that World Wars I and II were deliberately orchestrated and engineered.

A key objective of these two wars was to confiscate the majority of gold and treasure in the world. This aspect of the plan was not directly written into Mazzini and Pike’s blueprints — as the knowledge was far too sensitive.

Thanks to multiple insiders, we now know that leaders who surrendered their gold and treasure, and/or had it forcibly stolen from their countries, were given bronze boxes filled with Federal Reserve bonds in exchange for their assets.

The value of these bonds is much, much greater than the amount of money in the legitimate world economy. This is part of why the secret has been so jealously guarded.

If the truth were known, and the gold was revealed, it would destroy Financial Tyranny.