Michael Taylor – The AVATAR 2045 Cloning &…

Michael Taylor – The AVATAR 2045 Cloning & mind control is program is being funded by intelligence agencies world wide and governments around the world mainly Russia, Tibet, China and european countries, it involves the same process as the BT’s Soul Catcher 2025 project ran by Dr. Chris Winter it’s all part of life extension for the rich and controlling the masses

DNA Extraction ——> Duplicate Clone Created —–> Memories & Emotions Downloaded onto Supercomptuter ——-> Memories & Emotions uploaded onto Microchip —— > Clone Chipped & Activated

The main sponsors are the NSA and Dalai Lama of Tibet, Dalai Lama preaches love and peace the man is a hypocrite and fence jumper he’s well in with the Illuminati for more reasons than one mainly because it’s the agenda of the Illuminati to have the world controled and chiped under the NWO and the reptilian connection.

The reptilian connection goes back to the Hitler regime and the Nazi’s, Adolf Hitler got intel that Tibet had a source of power and magic so he sent a team of SS researchers over to tibet, they discovered that Tibetian monks where hidding an advance reptilian alien race known as the Vril hence the Vril Society, the Vril live in the hollow earth known as Agartha a Tibetian leader known only as the man with the green glove introduced Hitler to the Vril by the access point in the Himalyan mountains, Hitler was then shown an underground base in the Antartica codenamed BASE 211 also now known as the NEW BERLIN which possessed very advance technology, Hitlers crack team of scientists began reverse engineering the technology for use in there own aircraft and rockets (V-series) hence did you ever notice Hitler became Obssessed with UFO’s and Anti-gravity craft ?, the Nazi’s also have a map of the hollow earth and it’s access points

All technology in aircraft, psychology and Biological studies can be traced back to the Nazi’s via OPERATION PAPERCLIP also known as OPERATION PAPERDIP, OPERATION PAPERCLIP involves the US Government and it’s Intelligence Agencies smuggling Hitlers best top scientists over to the U.S to groom them for there research and studies, this is how NASA was formed not many people know this but NASA is not American it’s Nazi, it was founded when they brought Hitlers top rocket scientist Dr.Vernen Von Braun over, the CIA and AREA 51 is also connected to this, The Germ warfare specialist Dr. Eric Traub was stationed at the Centers for Disease (CDC) research labs at the Plum Island facility, and the psychology and cloning expert Dr. Joseph Mengele was stationed at major Universities and CIA facilities around the states.

The CIA’s imfamous MK-Ultra (Mind Kontrol) Trauma based mind control, LSD and Hypnosis brain wave programming was born by Dr. Joseph Mengele’s work, Cloning and Genetics was also a result of Dr. Joseph Mengele’s work notice how he was obssesed with doing horrid experiments with twins, study twins and you’re not far off cracking the secrets to cloning.

So there’s where most of the technology came from and that Dalai Lama is a false profit, a dirty filthy reptilian obiediant Illuminati loving puppet.

The main access points to the hollow earth are mainly located around leylines also known as energy grids mostly marked with monuments, NSA and MIEC D.U.M.B.’s are also mainly located on leylines as they’re in with the satanic ocult the NSA’s general Michael Aquino is a fine example.

• Tibet, Himalayan moutains
• US, Mount Sashta, AREA 51, Dulce base are also rumoured to be access points.
• Egypt, Great pyramids of Giza, hence the Illuminati’s symbol the pyramid with the all seeing reptilian eye.
• Antartica, BASE 211 near south pole

I take no credit for this research, it’s just my mission to expose the Illuminati and all that they do, thanks to all the one’s that planted the seed to open my eye’s you know who you are