Michael Taylor (January 2013): …REM clo…

Michael Taylor (January 2013): …REM clone, which means… DNA along with stem cells has been taken and cloned, and then the real [person] chiped and released back into society while they develop [the] clone, the chip works much like a cell phone it can transmit and recieve signals when [the person] sleeps and enters REM stage [their] consiousness travels to the cloning center via the chip and the cell phone towers or gwen towers and the clone is activated there.

The people responsible for this will be the NSA, Giza intelligence and the canadian RSR (royal science research), it ran under the operation name PORJECT IBIS they use to run these operations at a underground base in canana called the Q552 which is located in canada, new england, nelson…. O I forgot to mention and for the sleeper solder clones DARPA is involved.

Once at these bases they use them for cloning, MK-Ultra experiments (mainly supersoldier programming) and life extension experiments, DARPA are also splicing human DNA with animal DNA mainly that of the gorilla monkey so the cloned soldier has the intelligence and motor (movement) skills of a human but the strenth of the gorilla monkey

They use the animal research licence as a cover for there activities so the places that are doing this could be the CDC Plum island faciltity or the Yerkes Primate Research Center

Michael Taylor (January 2014): Been researching into this heavily, it seems to appear the NSA are running it all via Scalar waves and EEG Heterodyning

Many nations are involved, but it’s the NSA that are running the cloning program including REM, i’m still researching and gathering patents as evidence…

Jessica CocoChanel Brown: Is it possible for “them” to invade the REM of normal ppl like non celebs or is it only solicited to those wit celeb status?

Michael Taylor: The NSA, CIA and MI6 with EEG Heterodyning, Scalar waves and the satellites they can beam a signal into your head and the bounce back signal they get on RADAR is decoded by the supercomputers on the screens at Fort Meade or the cloning centers as visual and auditory info you’re seeing, they use it for behavior modification and subliminal programming, it’s known as the TAMI program (Thought Amplifier & Mind Interface)

They can implant dreams and false memories yes

…Yes that time comes up alot, waking between 2-4 a clock…

Rosemary Nadeau: …The illuminati must have a weakness..what is it?

Michael Taylor: EMF blocking

…Cannabinoids are illegal for that reason. We don’t program easy under it’s influence, the CIA’s MK-Ultra experimented with it on the other hand Hallucinogens help create alter realities and Stimulants speed up our brain activity so in turn more info can be handled making us more susceptible to programming

Mickey Taylor [Michael Taylor?] (November 2014): For those that are wondering how the MK2 clones operate… the NSA are behind the lot i’ll explain how it works… They extract DNA from the target person… it can by birth, an operative hugging or shaking your hands or via Military Abduction. They grow a duplicate clone of you …that’s the clone part. How they transfer consciousness is via EEG Heterodyning (cloning). As brain waves are just enhanced radio waves they can be broadcast via transmitters. They have two methods …ie They chip the original and the clone when you sleep you de-tune out of this world. They can pick up your brain activity at the NSA transmitter sites and relay it to the chip in the clone. Your thoughts during sleep now power the clone ie same as EEG controlled robots works really. The other method is Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) . They capture your brain activity via satellites and relay to the clone. You don’t need a chip for the RNM method…

…you can stop or at least mess their system up by putting a conductive material (non rust sheet metal, stainless steel or chicken wire etc) between you and them, a simple box coated with it you just simply earth it will do the trick, the radio waves are absorbed and dissipated into the ground

That [tinfoil hat] would work also make sure it’s earthed tho

…earthed is where the metal is connected to a metal rod in the ground by cables, it can mean if it;s touching ground with out being insulated