I just found out that Mark Dice blocked me fro…

I just found out that Mark Dice blocked me from his Facebook page. In essence, all I did was share the truth regarding the Illuminati (e.g. the cloning centers). It has been said before, that Mark Dice is an Illuminati member and attends the cloning centers (since he was a kid). Notice how these so-called “truthers” or whatever you want to call them, don’t talk about: the different “marks" (1-4) of clones, consciousness transfer (especially, REM consciousness transfer), the cloning centers, Vril lizards, parasited hosts of Vril (aka drones), chipheads/dead chipheads and the soulstone microchip? They (like many celebrities and politicians) benefit in some way (e.g. money and fame) to keep their mouth shut and do as they’re told. Aside from being used for sex (or whatever) as clones (i.e. Mark 2 REM-driven duplication clones) at the cloning centers, they get rewarded for leading the populace astray and helping to influence the masses.

Glenn Beck and others blocked me for the same reason (i.e. posting about the Illuminati’s secrets on their page). Glenn Beck attends the Illuminati cloning centers as well.

Well, Mark Dice DID talk about the cloning centers before but he made it seem-like it was a joke and something that shouldn’t be taken seriously (so, it doesn’t count):

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MEtiaSho-o Mark Dice DISINFO AGENT EXPOSED! Illuminati Employee and FAKE Truther SHILL Cointelpro 100% PROOF

It would be nice, if people would go to Mark Dice’s Facebook page or on one of his other social media accounts and spam the truth (e.g. cloning center info, Vril lizard info, etc.).

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