The Secret – das Geheimnis

The Secret – das Geheimnis:



Focus on things you really want to happen and not on things you don’t want to happen. Positive thoughts are stronger than negative thoughts  by a hundred times.  All of our thoughts don’t come true instantly, there’s a time delay so you can rethink and maybe make another choice. So be aware of your thoughts.

You create your life with your thoughts. What you attract is  controlled by your predominant thoughts whether they’re conscious or unconscious. It’S more than wishful thinking!

Everything around you in your life are things that you attracted even if your complaining about it. Once you accept this fact it’s life transforming. Nothing happens by default! It’s impossible to monitor every thought we have but, here our feelings let us know what we’re thinking. Our thought create our feelings. You must celebrate your good feelings in order to attract them into your life.

Our feelings are a feed back mechanism to us, whether we’re on track or not. Good feelings create a future that’s desired an on track.

During the day the law of attraction is working every second. If you’re in fear than you attract more of that into your life during the day.

You’re getting exactly what you’re feeling about not so much what your thinking about. A shift of your emotion can change your entire day. If you start your day happy and nothing changes your mood you start attracting things, people circumstances that are good.

You can start feeling the Love that surrounds you even if it doesn’t surround you. And the the universe starts following the nature of your feelings and things will manifest. What you focus on is what you attract. Everything can be undone with a shift in your awareness.

It’s important that you feel good because this is a signal that goes out into the universe that starts to attract more of itself. The more you feel good the more you will attract things that make you feel good.

When you feel down just put on a good piece of music to change your mood. Start singing that will change your emotion or think of something beautiful and keep it in your mind until you feel good.

Understanding your thoughts and knowing how to control them, you can create your own reality. That’s were your freedom is.


There’s a creative 3 step process.

1. ASK – make a command to the universe let it know what you desire.

Sit down a write down what you really want. F.e. start like this:” I am so happy and grateful…” then write down how your life should be in every area. It’s like you placing your order to the universe.

2.BELIEVE – that it’s already yours

You don’t need to know how it’s about to come you need to know how the universe will rearrange itself. When we don’t see the things we ‘requested’ we get frustrated, disappointed and doubtful. Recognize this feeling and replace it with an unshakable faith.

3.RECEIVE – Try to feel the way once your requested situation arrives – now!In this process it’s important to feel good, to be happy. When you’re feeling good you’re putting yourself to the same frequency of what you desired.


When you just believe something but you don’t have a corresponding feeling underneath that, you necessarily haven’t enough power to manifest what you want in your life. You have to feel it.

Gratitude is the way to bring more into your life. Be grateful for positive things and don’t think about problems from the past.

Say THANK YOU every morning when you wake up and try to feel the feeling of gratitude.

When you start thinking different about what you already have then you start attracting more good things, more of the things you can be grateful for.

Powerfull process
When you visualize then you materialize. Your mind can’t distinguish if you really practice something our just visualize it. Always dwell upon the end result.

F.e. imagine you sit in your chair, close your eyes and Strat imagine you’re driving your favorite car. You hold the steering wheel in your hands, you look at your hands, your turn to the left or to the right, just like you’re driving this car for real. You must feel that you already have this car. It’s this feeling that creates the attraction. That’s why positive thinking isn’t enough, because you don’t have that feeling that is associated with having this car and that’s important – the feeling. Feel the joy, feel the happiness no matter how silly it may be. Start screaming etc…

That feeling and inner seeing will begin to open a doorway thru which the power of the universe will begin to express.

Create VISION BOARDS (they show what you want to achieve) with images of what you desire and look at it every day. You’ll start to think you already possess these things!

Decide what you want. Believe you can have it. Believe you deserve it and that it’s possible for you. Close your eyes every day for several minutes and visualize having what you already want and feel the feelings of already having it. Come out of that and concentrate on how grateful you are for what you already have and enjoy this feeling.  Then release it to the universe and trust the universe how to manifest it.

“Most of the people want to get rid of their debt, but thinking this way they’ll keep debt forever!” The universe only understands the word ‘debt’ and sends you debt, even if your thought was to not have any debt! So think of “ I want to have amount xyzzy of money” pay attention to the wording!

If you focus on what you don’t have you will never be able to afford it because you attract more of what you don#t have at this moment! Focus on the opposite!

Try to change: “I have to work hard for the money”  with “Money comes without problems and frequently”, even if it sounds like a lie in the beginning. Wealth is a mindset. But money is only a little part of real wealth!

But all these outer things don’t necessarily guarantee what we really want – which is happiness! Instead we should strive for inner peace, inner joy, inner vision first and then all of the outer things appear.

We are the creators of our universe and everything we wish will manifest in our life.


If you don’t enjoy your own company how can you expect that another person does it? The secret of the law of attraction is to bring it into your life. You have to ask yourself: Do you treat yourself like you want others to treat you? You’re the solution! First you must create fullness so that you overflow in order to have enough to give it to others.

If you don’t see your own beauty don’t expect others to see it. You must first fall in love with yourself before you can love the world.You have to respect yourself. Don’t complain about the others. Focus on what you appreciate on the other person and not on things you don’t like. If you complain about these bad things you only get more of them. Don’t give others the opportunity to create happiness because they often fail to create what you wanted. Only you can be in charge of your joy not others!

Our body is the product of our thoughts. Our emotions determine the physical structure and function of our bodies. (bis 1:00:06)

Pay attention to what you want to happen / like to experience. Energy flows to where your attention is directed.