John Mayer is a singer-songwriter, guitarist a…

John Mayer is a singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer. He posted about cloning on his “Instagram Stories”, I believe on Tuesday, February 13.

He says, “…it’s important to remember that if you could clone yourself, (and it begs real ethical debate as to whether you should) you wouldn’t just make an instant copy of yours or as you stand today. That’s just not how cloning works. To clone yourself, you’d have to start from scratch.”

They can clone or make a copy of you “as you stand”. You don’t have to “start from scratch” as he says. For example, the “clone you” will “come out” the same age as when they took your blood sample. However, there are different marks and types of clones… A clone you’d have to “start from scratch” would be a Replication Clone as it’s made kind-of like a test-tube baby, then gets implanted, eventually born and grows up.

Screenshots were sent to me via Twitter DM.